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  1. Please god no. Start Rush/White, take your lumps, and get one of the elite DL or AJ Brown next year.
  2. No matter how talented he was, he had an inner lip tattoo. Hate the pick for that fact alone.
  3. Hate the Callaway pick. Proven issues, that have continued well after second chances. And you're going to put that cancer near Josh Gordon? Potential to take out two people.
  4. Hopefully. At this point, you're not getting an instant impact player in draft, and there's not much on the free agency wire. Although Richard Rodgers could be intriguing.
  5. Best part about it, is this Cowboys fan is actually thanking the Eagles. I thought Williams was worth taking at 19 (as maybe a slight reach) and can play tackle. The Eagles just Jerry-proofed it for me. I wasn't a fan at 2, but crazy that no one swung on the upside in the third. He's still somewhat of a project, but he's shown enough he should have been gone already. Edit: Now I'm just hoping for one of Hurst or Griffin to the Cowboys at 4. I think one is arguably the best interior pass rusher in the draft. And I think Griffin, at absolute worst, is a rock soli
  6. Yup. I'm a TE fan. If both work, could be good. But not how I would allocate resources.
  7. I think Gallup is the better guy to win now. I think St. Brown is the better guy to win 3 years from now.
  8. I don't think they need a dominant #1 to be successful. As long as they have solid production, they'll be okay. More than anything, they need Gathers to be ready to play.
  9. Like Gallup. Solid guy. Think I would have preferred St. Brown given the upside, but IMO it's mostly personal preference.
  10. Dolphins did it for Tannehill (albeit, a worse WR). Didn't go well.
  11. At least has a familiar target to play with on the second team.
  12. Griffin is another interesting one. I think he's the type of prospect everyone was getting so hyped up about with Peppers last year.
  13. Couple interesting guys out there. Desmond Harrison, West Alabama is a good talent but has character concerns. If Holton Hill has stayed clean, first round(ish) caliber CB. Maurice Hurst is arguably the best interior pass rusher, and the heart condition doesn't seem like a recurring thing from the reports that have come out.
  14. That's how little I think of Chark. Josh Allen of wide receivers.
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