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  1. Dont think is vetoable. To be honest any trade should be vetoable unless there is clear collusion. But trade rape is not collusion. Bell side wins but thats it. Thanks for mine
  2. have green, hill, baldwin, keenan and robby anderson. probably wouldn't drop any of these guys
  3. It is a sneaky trade. I just read in nfl.com to trade away green because of his difficult matchups and putrid offense. saying that upgrading to wentz is great and you could always use green to trade for another big name player so probably i would do it. Thaks for mine
  4. Standard League. Should i drop either Latavius or Lynch for Jamaal Williams? I've been hurting at RB all season beacuse of injuries. My RB1 is Ajayi Thanks for the help and leave a link
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