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  1. i think the wiseman deal is really nice for you. is this a dynasty league?
  2. who do you have on your team?i do love fox / white better than just booker but who else is on your roster
  3. what side wins? My other PGs are - luka, fvv, donte di vincenzo, derrick white Other bigs are - JJJ, KAT, Mitch rob, brandon clarke Heeeelp!
  4. ‘yes! Everyone says he’s stick like but his legs look thicker than someone like bazley’s. His upper body is super frail though. His shot and decision making is a mess but he’s 18 with no summer league. If this guy is dedicated to his craft he could be amazing. If not, well there’s always more rookies. Not all that good for this season with % problems and tons of turnovers but a possible superstar in the future
  5. Guys and girls I am comishing an awesome H2H Yahoo dynasty league and we need one replacement. We have been going strong for a long time - the league is very active and players are very consistent from year to year. The team needing a replacement has a few great pieces and a high draft pick this year. We do one player draft every year for the newly real-life drafted players and keep everyone from year to year. The roster size is 13 plus two IL. This team holds the #5 pick. Its not the an amazing team but it has some awesome young players and for anyone who wants to do dynasty and build ov
  6. You are totally right i do play only in dynasties though and I just don’t see him being relevant in 2-3 years.. but yes this year and probably next he will be pretty excellent for certain builds
  7. Dr Doum is awesome he's shown he can do a bit of everything - shoot, defend, rebound, can finish with either hand, hanlde is passable, hes made some nice passes. detroit should feed him as much as they can
  8. hes a horrific real life player and a pretty bad fantasy one. High volume shooter who doesnt shoot well, a point guard who cannot and doesnt even look to pass and a poor defender.He contributes nothing to winning and often makes the other players on the court worse. if cleveland are smart they ll send him to the bench or get rid of him (they are not, dallas saw DSJ was the same and traded him asap, thats a smart team)
  9. dynasty league stash or you are praying that sabo or turner get injured that s it
  10. Right now he is like a peak Brent Barry - elite 3 point shooter with pretty good passing feel and great size for his position i think in a few years he can approximate Brad beal
  11. Almost dropped him a week ago....what a nice turnaround
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