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  1. Some randoms and deeper league options that I didn't notice mentioned... Tim Patrick is still pretty widely available - had a down week this week but is still plenty involved and Lock seems to be locking on to him (I'll let you work your magic @dfstout, don't want to step on any toes). Had a hamstring this past week but reports are that it's minor and he's day-to-day Jaylen Guyton (LAC) isn't getting a ton of targets, but he's doing work with them - on 12 targets this season, he's gone 8/258/3. With Allen and Williams seemingly trading injury weeks and Herbert playing like a man possessed,
  2. Wasn't a terrible play until Wentz' frickin classic parlay-breaking-touchdown-in-the-final-minute BS... Was the difference between a perfectly average week and a bad week.
  3. My new thing this year is not forcing my own trades and instead just floating the idea to managers and letting them send me their offers... There are obviously some bad ones, but some that I've netted so far: 12-team, Superflex, .5/1/1.5 PPR for RB/WR/TE Sent: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Nick Foles, Philip Lindsay Received: Dalvin Cook, Sammy Watkins, $100 FAAB (of $200) 10-Team, .5 PPR Sent: Justin Jackson, Robert Woods Received: Adam Thielen, Juju Smith-Schuster
  4. Someone convince me that the Giants are actually a decent start tonight? They've been getting lots of pressure, 6th ranked DST on the season, good matchup against a struggling Wentz... but I still hate it so much. Options on the Wire include Chargers, 49ers, Bears... Chargers feel like a floor play at best, even with Melvin Ingram coming back.
  5. 12-Team Dynasty, Half-PPR Gave: Russell Gage + 2021 2nd (mid) Get: Laviska Shenault
  6. Don't let anyone tell you that "The Secret" doesn't work - put those wishes out into the universe.
  7. Dude almost lost his leg, can they just put him on IR already? He and Lazard are really hamstringing my dynasty squad by having like 5+ week injuries and not getting the designation...
  8. Been thinking the same - tough Week 1 matchup means they're available almost everywhere, and their Week 2-8 schedule is perfect aside from the Packers in Week 6.
  9. My first year doing IDP - went went super light with 3 starters (meant to add a FLEX but somehow missed it before the draft), and more a hybrid scoring system if not a little weighted towards big plays. Ended up with: DL: Myles Garrett LB: Deion Jones DB: Kevin Byard How did I do with these guys? And also, I've been eying Za'Darius Smith on the wire since the draft... do I need to make a move clear a roster spot for him? (We've got deep benches but few IDP starters so the FA Pool is seemingly huge, so I just stuck with one at each position)
  10. Since this is going to be such an out of the ordinary season anyway, I figured I would take a stab at some new or different settings to make things interesting. Probably only going to be a $10 or so buyin, just to keep people involved. Current Settings Include: Superflex .5 RB / 1 WR / 1.5 TE PPR Point per First Down (RB/WR/TE) Light IDP (DL/LB/DB/FLEX) Fractional Kicker Scoring + Bonuses for 40+ or 50+ Yarders Still dialing in a couple of settings and open to input - just trying to have some fun with this ridiculous year.
  11. Those definitely seem the most likely options to me at this point.
  12. More likely AP and let their younger backs develop. More names being tossed around: Gus Edwards Royce Freeman Leonard Fournette Kareem Hunt Marlon Mack If I had my wish though, there's only one man I would want there: Mike Motherf*ckin' Boone.
  13. *nods along knowingly as he places Aiyuk on the trade block*
  14. Late Afternoon game, not gonna know until later unfortunately.
  15. Darrel has out-touched Shady once this season - Week 11 when McCoy was removed to be checked for concussion and didn't return. McCoy has gotten 28 targets to Darrel's 18. McCoy has gotten 22 RZ touches to Darrel's 8. McCoy has averaged about a 40% snap share when all 3 are active - however when just McCoy and Darrel are active, those splits are much closer to 50/50. Also, McCoy has had 25 fumbles in his entire career (regular season). Across essentially the same number of games, AP has 42. Marshall Faulk had 36. No his fumbling isn't great, but considering Andy Reid knows Shady pr
  16. This went through a couple of trade partners, so a little convoluted. Locked up a bye week and started selling off bench depth, so in the past few weeks I've done: Full PPR Superflex Terry McLaurin / Ronald Jones ----> TY Hilton (figured he was coming back healthy sooner - no worry, flipped him) Chris Godwin ----> DJ Chark and Philip Lindsay (been rolling Mike Evans and Godwin as starters all season - worried me going into playoffs so I wanted to diversify, and needed some good RB depth (was starting Coleman/Ekeler at RB2)) TY Hilton / John Brown / Tevin Coleman / Sam Darnold --->
  17. Pure assumption, but you would think Shepard would slide into the slot in place of Tate in 3-wide sets, with Slayton and Latimer manning the perimeter. Shepard is probably the best option for targets, but also most likely to get the toughest matchup rolled his way. GB has also been far more susceptible to outside receivers, allowing huge games to guys like Cooper, Gallup, Mike Williams, and Allen Robinson (DJ Moore had a big game too - would have to see where he was lining up though). Slayton has the air yards on his side, so while it's most likely that Shepard will see the biggest bump in
  18. The only thing I'm trying to decide is whether to keep him on my bench or just go ahead and drop him ahead of the game
  19. There's a first time for everything, I guess. The only time the Texans and Watson have 'shred that arse' since 2016 they won on an OT field goal.
  20. So it appears @pastorofmuppets2 may not have been too far off to begin with, because while the stats I posted for fantasy points allowed to RBs still stand (Jets allowing right about the average to the position), there's a lot of analysts today pointing out that the Jets are sitting at #2 at DVOA against the run (essentially, points allowed once adjusted for opponent, game situation, score, field position, and other factors). I'm still inclined to consider them still in the mediocre area of run defenses, simply because the DVOA seems to indicate what is already obvious - that they allowed
  21. I might have to petition ESPN to increase the character limit so that I can make this my team name.
  22. All good! I've just been starting to take a look at matchups down the stretch run and didn't remember marking the Jets as someone to worry about. Guice's schedule is really the only reason I picked him up at this point - definitely doesn't have anything to do with that offense inspiring confidence. NYJ, DET, @CAR, @GB, PHI, NYG Amazingly, if going by the Harris Index, the Jets should actually be the HARDEST matchup against RBs that Guice will face the rest of the year, so schedule shouldn't really play much part. Far moreso will be the committee situation, the lackluster offense, Ha
  23. Where did you get this from? In the last 5 weeks (according to the Harris Index), they're right at league average, whereas TB is the toughest in the league. On the season, they're also right at league average with TB the toughest. According to ESPN they're exactly 15th in points allowed to the RB position. Once again, TB is the toughest. Don't think I've seen anywhere that they've been tough against the run, especially in the last 6 weeks or so. Their defense is in shambles and they're giving up points to every single position at at least an average rate. If anything their numbers ma
  24. That's the thing with watching Dwayne though - he's not even good enough to get a proper evaluation on. The kid literally cannot read a single defender, much less run an actual football play. He could barely handle taking a step back and giving the ball to AP without screwing it up. There's absolutely nothing that throwing Haskins to the wolves is going to prove besides just how unprepared he actually is. Getting absolutely crushed in real game time isn't 'experience' - it's detrimental to development. This is of course assuming rational coaching, out of Washington no less, so yeah, we'll
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