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  1. Committee guys aren't rb2s, with the exception of Tevin last season. As a JStew owner I would be happy if he finishes rb25-28 with 7-10 tds. FWIW, I'm starting him as my rb2 after Coleman. (I don't believe in drafting guys like gurley or fournette so high with regards to position volatility)
  2. J. Joseph isn't a slouch. While I'm sure ARob still clowns him, the question has to be how dialed in the QB is to ARob..I'm worried, as a Robinson owner, that "named" CB1's like Bouye, Sherman and others might cause the QB to completely ignore the stud. Versus these CB1's, ball placement is everything, and we know how well Bortles throws an accurate pass.
  3. Here's a good highlight package. you can see him play against CB1s includng notable matchup vs Sherman and Peters from the chiefs. He also takes Sean smiths butt
  4. I'm in. 1 qb shark league. Streaming him over osweiler, smith, Taylor, mccown, wentz
  5. Good luck. I've never done FAAB so do take my words with such a bias
  6. 4.3 percent of your budget on a player you aim to seek to replace a player you spent a second round pick on? You should be closer to 15 percent, given situation and now name appeal of Rogers. There are maybe five guys a season who become must haves at one point. This is one of those guys, even with all the mouths in Pittsburg. (I own him after adding him before the week)
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