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  1. Same situation, but leaning towards Darrel Williams because I’m facing Mahomes. Not sure if I’m using good logic.
  2. I’m struggling with this as well. I want to add him, but I don’t have anyone that’s a safe drop this wk. i think your best options are Edwards or Pettis even though both are solid bench players.
  3. His fantasy playoff schedule looks enticing (wk 15 and 16): Mia and Was.
  4. Considering you only need 4 points I would go with AP. He would seem to have the higher floor since he has a well defined role as the non-passing down back.
  5. Thoroughly confused but not dropping yet... Deebo Samuels and Goodwin didn’t look good out there.
  6. I’m an AB owner, see my team and league settings in my signature. i offered a team that has Josh Gordon as it’s 4th WR the following: AB and Murray for J. Gordon and Rodgers. Trade was rejected with no counteroffer.
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