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  1. Sneaky RB3 ROS when healthy. Nice depth add IMO.
  2. Seems like an after thought now. Sucks because he showed some promise with Dalton. But, I’ll be dropping him this week.
  3. I like his prospects long term but not this matchup. [...]
  4. I’m looking for a reason to start this guy! Nicely done.
  5. I’m plugging this cat in over MVS in my flex. I’m just hoping the Bills coaching staff utilizes him properly!
  6. I’m buying into the hype. I’m in a 14 teamer and got him as my RB3. Pretty pumped about that!
  7. Starting over Rivers, Until further notice. Never thought I’d say that about a waiver add, but his weapons and lack of RBs are too much to let him sit on the bench.
  8. Have Elliot on a bye/possible suspension. Putting the kid in this week. Love Gore, but might be Mack's time to shine. Fingers crossed anyway
  9. All NFC North in the weeks that count. Strong hold with bench spots to spare, for now....
  10. If you have the bench space to handcuff with West, power to you. Being a Zeke and Hunt owner, I'm opting to stock my 14 team league bench with guys like Marlon Mack, Breida, and Devontae Booker (which may be stupid... but call it a hunch that he becomes relevant by week 7 or so...). Hope Hunt stays healthy. The guy's electric!
  11. I'm starting him over Jordan Howard as my flex, and feel pretty good about it. We'll see...
  12. Collins and Darkwa weren't available this week in my 14 teamer, so I picked up Breida (was thinking about Josh Gordon, and thanks to those who weighed in on it...). I think Hyde is an injury waiting to happen, and Breida has played well in opportunities given. For now, a lottery ticket that could pan into an RB2 later in the season is how I see it. Has some receiving ability which is a bonus in my league which is PPR.
  13. I sure as hell hope so, after owning both over the years.
  14. The whole Josh Gordon thing has me intrigued. I own Marquise Goodwin. Never planned on starting the latter... just wanted to see how it panned out. What if? The question I ask myself when thinking about his potential re-in-statement. Especially considering the current state of Cleveland's WR corp.
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