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  1. Thank you! This was my point all along. The success of Brady cannot happen without Belichick and vice versa. It does not detract from either person but instead reinforces their unique relationship that rarely happens in sports.
  2. You cant toss out wins/losses without looking at the drama that unfolded in Cleveland. The constant tension with Kozar who refused to follow Bill's direction as the COACH, the injuries to Testaverde and most importantly the fact he was a young coach who tried to emulate the coaching style of his mentor, Bill Parcells. That style of coaching does nto work when you are a a younger coach. In an interview in New England years later, he said that he’d been afraid to delegate authority to assistants in Cleveland, but learned that trying to do everything oneself was too much work for any one person i
  3. Why because of 1 season where NE had the most Covid opt outs while the Bucs had 1 to a back up OL? Belichick brought in a back up QB in 2008 who hadn't started a single NFL game and still went 10-5. Any QB in the top 10 range could go to that loaded Bucs team and win.
  4. There are plenty of athletes that have an insane work ethic, but that doesn't necessarily quantify into success. I like Brady, but I think people need to pump the brakes a little and see the bigger picture as to why he is so successful and that's 100% the tutelage of Bill Belichick and the consistency of playing behind extremely well managed teams year in year out. Last I checked Brady has no control over drafting, coaching, management, player personnel etc. He has one job to do and he happens to be very good and when given the perfect scenario in NE he thrived. Jimmy G is a terrib
  5. It was pretty bad. Defence again was key that year. Funny how Brady fans rarely bring up that SB.
  6. I'm really shocked at how ppl have completely negated Bill's work in NE. If Brady is drafted to any other team in the league he's likely out of the league in 4-5 years and barely a footnote. Bill MADE Brady into what he is.
  7. No. He needed a stacked Bucs team. The only thing holding that Bucs team was Jamis and his 30 INT's. BRady only had one job to do in NE while Bill had multiple jobs do and did them with such consistency that it granted NE close to 20 years of sustained success. Brady most definitely needed Bill.
  8. Jesus Christ look at all the injuries today. This is a BIG reason why I do not play in big cash leagues anymore. I have been playing FFB since 2008 and the injuries and complete and utter luck it takes to win is getting worse every year.
  9. Cant tell you HOW MANY TIMES Julio has let me down. Officially on my do not draft list.
  10. Drop city haha. So glad I avoided this guy like anyone else on the Lions.
  11. Feeling good about Murray's chances as the lead back. Chicago without their main run stuffer. Gordon has been disjointedness the last 2 weeks and Gurley hasnt been stellar.
  12. Thanks to you both. I went with Gordon and feel confident. Cheers
  13. Gurleys useage scares me a tad. Gordon might not have a lot of useage either.
  14. DJ Clark has been on a year so far this year. Metcalf has shown some potential while Robinson has looked weak under Trubisky and the terrible Bears offence.
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