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  1. My dynasty league finals are this week, the commish hates playing til week 16. Need to pick two running backs here: Elliot vs SF Aaron Jones vs Carolina Montgomery @ Minnesota Mike Davis @ Green Bay I grabbed Mike Davis this week so my opponent couldn't, and possibly as a keeper for next year. Right now I have Jones and Monty in, but wondering if Mike Davis has another blow up opportunity this Saturday night? Entire team in sig. whir
  2. With Ruggs on the Covid-19 list I would go Agholor here for the TD opportunities.
  3. I'm waiting to hear any information, if at all, about Dolphins plans for Ahmed moving forward. He looks great. Not sure how long Breida is gonna be out. So many times I've gotten burned thinking I found the guy with the volume. I'm not sure how much Michel will eat into Harris' workload. He's been a beast with his opportunity. I dropped him in a league because I thought his injury from last week was more serious. Harris has HOU, ARI, LAC, LAR, MIA, BUF Ahmed has DEN, NYJ, CIN, KC, NE, LV There are no glaring schedule differences for me, but I think I prefer Ahmed here. Its close. And
  4. I don't feel confident playing Fuller in whats supposed to be quite the blustery day. If it is at all like the LV/CLE game a few weeks ago, I don't want any part of the passing game. Fuller is still a stud, but I'm also plugging in Duke as my RB2. So I have these options to pick from for my flex. WHIR. Will Fuller @ Cleveland Mike Williams @ Miami JK Dobbins @ New England D'andre Swift vs Washington
  5. I thought I heard earlier in the week that Kupp was banged up. It's kind of a team-need for me at this point, but he's most likely one of the more high-reward FA's for your team this week. And as always, he could put up 3 catches for a dud game while the other receivers feast. But his targets have been on the rise, so if there's a week to take the plunge, this is it vs Seattle.
  6. Thx...Yahoo must be trippin. Forecast is 66% of Mike Williams injury.
  7. Dang... Fuller and Chark both on one of my rosters. I could swap one with Mike Williams, even tho the Chargers/Miami game is expecting thunderstorms. Anyone got the lowdown on the Miami game?
  8. I think its supposed to be a rainy Sunday in NJ as well, so weather concerns for both games. I'm forced to play Chark this week and I don't like it one bit. It's very close but I think maybe I'd roll with Shepard. Ugh. I hate Jaire Alexander so, so much.
  9. I know, I know. I'm not trusting that Drake will be a smart play even if he is active versus Buffalo. I have Zeke & Ridley on Bye and Golladay banged up. So, do I pick up and plug in Kalen Ballage versus Miami or play Josh Reynolds versus Seattle? Do I scream or weep uncontrollably? - You can and will throw all day against Seattle, but I think there's a lotta mouths to feed in LA, assuming Kupp will play. - I don't buy in to any Revenge game narrative versus Miami for Ballage, because it'd most likely have to be revenge against Gase, who is no longer with the Dolphins. But he looked
  10. This is my tenth year playing in money leagues, I won two leagues last year and this year I'll be lucky to make the playoffs in any of them. That's the nature of the game. And I hear you about being glued to the TV. THAT is where I think it becomes unhealthy. Gotta make sure everything that needs to get done is done before 1pm comes around. Guilty as charged. I'm jealous man, every girl I dated hated football and hated when I checked my phone for FF.
  11. 100%. Really looked forward to it this year. I'm in five leagues, one of which is a dynasty. And I'm doing poorly in all of them lmao. I mean the funnest part for me is the draft itself. I look forward to that soo much every year. And I'm looking forward to the next one already. *womp womp* If you measure "seriousness" by time spent, then I suppose I take it seriously, and I'll scream and punch the air every now and then. One thing is for sure. It equally helps and destroys my serotonin levels.
  12. Yea, I guess its kind of a pointless debate. Plus, Cam is rushing in TD's too. I just preferred the volume and strength of Harris. Again, its comforting to lay it to rest.
  13. Meeeee too. One touchdown would have won me the week.
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