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  1. Example of a very detailed preview sent in by a contributor: Justin Fall, 21 y/o, QB (Left-Handed)6'6", 210 LB’sCollege: Arizona StateThe Toms River, New Jersey native spent the past three seasons shining for Arizona State. After a freshman year on the bench at Rutgers, Fall saw an opportunity in the desert to play for former New Jersey legend Herm Edwards.Fall won the starting quarterback job heading into his sophomore season behind an excellent spring camp. At the time, Edwards described Fall as, “heady, a field-general, a guy we trust to win games, and that’s why we play the gam
  2. Hey folks,I have enjoyed some of the community created draft classes so much (Shouts to the Shotcallers, Associated and others on some other platforms) that I wanted to give back to the same community. I am going to create a draft class, and would like yall's help. If you are willing, I would be looking for background stories on players, with names, strength, weaknesses and such. I will slot them into the draft with skillsets to match the descriptions, include them in the class and give credit on the players.If you can help, please comment below and Ill reach out. Full class will be posted her
  3. Love the RBs. DK is a must. You have to wonder how pissed Brady is after the butt whooping he took last week, Evans and that whole offense could go off. That is the only place I would consider a change.
  4. Yea, kinda seems like a wash depending on how you feeel about CEH. If he or Lev get injured, you win easy, but if they both stay healthy, neither seems startable. Love Golladay, but I think Kupp is going to have abig ROS.
  5. His back of year schedule sucks, we all know this. So do I make this deal here: Trade Dalvin Cook & Tyler Lockett for Aaron Jones & Travis Kelce Current Lineup Lamar Jackson Davante Adams, Will Fuller, DJ Chark, Travis Fulgham, Tyler Lockett Dalvin Cook, Kareem Hunt, Raheem Mostert Robert Tonyan
  6. If you can get Davante Adams in a 1:1, ******** do it. Especially since I love Swift on the come up. You dont NEED a trade, but getting the WR1 is always a smart move.
  7. Woods is the man in Buffalo, but he was hurt. I stick with him, and play Cooks as my 2. I cant stomach starting Murray with the inconsistencies there.
  8. Do I trade DJ Chark and Raheem Mostert for Lamar Jackson? Current team: Minshew Davante Adams Tyler Lockett Will Fuller DJ Chark Dalvin Cook Kareem Hunt David Johnson Raheem Mostert Robert Tonyan Travis Fulgham Justin Jackson Boston Scott Shep
  9. I should mention, I can start up to 4 WR. We have 2 flex spots w/r/t
  10. I like it. Henderson wont be valuable after this week, Gibson should keep trending up and I likeJohn Brown as a homerun hitter.
  11. You have to ask the commish, or bench the players, not really much else can be done.
  12. McKinnon my guy. He will actually get real opportunity this week, and while he isnt a real 6.0 YPC back he looks shifty and catches the ball. He is a great one week start.
  13. We need to know scoring system. This seems even enough on the surface, but whether it improves the teams will HEAVILY depend on team makeup and scoring system.
  14. I think if you can deal Ekeler, I would do it, but I dont know that you NEED to. Solid enough team, and I dont know if any of these WR moves the needle enough. More appropriarely, you should be able to package Ekeler with a WR to go get a top tier guy.
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