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  1. like ive said for years, carson wentz is doodoo 🤣
  2. ekeler gets a lot of checkdowns and a lot of YAC he helps herbert more than anything. bills played well defensively and have a solid pass rush, they had to get the ball out quick, very little time in the pocket today to throw deep. bills had 16 sacks in 4 weeks coming into the game and the chargers have arguable one of the worst olines in football.
  3. Anyone have faith or should we expect more sub 100 yard games With a possible 1 td?
  4. fitz seems to have no problem getting the ball to parker and marching down the field. can't go into the 4th with 80 yards passing. tua missed grant several times when he was WIDE OPEN over throws him by 15 yards. hopefully tua gets better but 3/4 games throwing under 200 yards doesn't look good maybe he should have sat the whole year but i think the dolphins felt pressured while herbert was torching defenses every week.
  5. ahh yes because Tua throwing under 200 yards in 3 of his 4 games is just the epitome of great QB play because yanno they won lol. Sorry but its not about wins and losses when your defense gives up 30pts a game and your special teams can't even get a punt off without it being blocked for a score. QBs might be measured by wins and losses after a couple years but good QB play isn't subjective either you play well or don't and herbert is on pace for 4500 yards and 37 touchdowns.
  6. 80 yards into the 4th ouch!! . Hope tua plays better but 3 of 4 games with under 200 yards passing sure doesn’t look good. Fitz could move the ball fine when he came in, tua needs to at least be a threat down field my goodness that was terrible to watch.
  7. the guy with 2 TDs in every game he played? that's not what a bust is, a bust is someone who's playing but not producing anywhere near where they were drafted not someone who is hurt
  8. yeah cause haskins is such a gunslinger lol, only reason he was good with haskins was because he lead the league in yards after catch. haskins was terrible in every aspect of the game, thats kind of a given though when you're benched for kyle allen.
  9. prob wr2 with wr1 upside, better qb he'd be a WR 1.
  10. the only player on my main roster who hasn't missed time is now jk dobbins lol. this year sucks!
  11. imagine sending someone 2 trade offers and you found out later he posted about it on a forum, noting how unworthy you are to even offer him and how much enjoyment he got in rejecting your silly offer because he's the king of the league. who's the real dbag in this situation? lmao.
  12. you aren't morally obligated to respond, he said he finds enjoyment in getting offers and rejection because he's 6-1. as if he's too good to be in trade discussion because he's leading the league in scoring. that's a weak mindset to have and is too common, this is fantasy football its supposed to be fun, people take it so serious their enjoyment on sundays is tied to winning or losing in fantasy lol.
  13. acting like this when someone is trying to better their team is so weak lol, counter offer or just tell him you're not interested in trades right now, acting like an adult is usually a good way to react to people sending out offers, who knows maybe throw keenan allens name out there and try to sell him high for extra depth to someone who needs to win now.
  14. then the no-brainer deal even if you give up a ton to get a player you like... it gets the entire league riled up and they all scream collusion lol. slowly weeding these types of leagues out but they're really common.
  15. generally in most leagues you have to give up way too much to get people to part from players, its really annoying, i dont even try to trade in most leagues because people get all butt hurt about any offers coming through.
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