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  1. I think you are selling short on Reed as well, as his value honestly cant get any lower.. I am not high on Miller at all, yes he gets 15-20 touches a game but does nothing with them outside of one game. Foreman will probably eat into his load as the season progresses as he is the far superior runner between the tackles. Christian Mcaffery - Has upside value in a PPR as Jonathan Stewart is garbage, so if i had to get one of the RBs i would go after this trade, but he does split early downs and is game flow dependent.
  2. I always like going big and swinging for the fences and going with the upside trade, hence go for Julio. I cant see Julios value getting any worse...he is just waiting to explode ala Amari Cooper but with more consistency. Miller to me is the most mediocre RB2 and his ceiling is not that great, i think he will continuously lose touches to Foreman. You are solid at RB and can afford losing Miller. Garcon is a target hog, but new QB could change that. Cohen or Powell are basically throw ins for this trade.
  3. Well the owner is very high on Hyde and AP and very low on Mixon and Alshon.
  4. Gronk is an outlier in terms of TE value and Mixon has the upside. I own Hyde and am trying to trade him hard cause I am not a fan of his ROS outlook. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678037-trade-hydeapcooks-for-gurleymixonalshon-whir-100/?tab=comments#comment-7469962
  5. I am usually a huge advocate in saying TE values are overstated and if you can get a starting RB for a TE, do 99% of the time. However your team as is seems solid, and if Reed is healthy (big if), he is a top TE and could be your x-factor. In the end I would do the trade and try to flip Martin for more value...like a better TE like Gronk.. it
  6. Man this is tough because they split carries, and would need one or the other to go down to maximize value. Honestly unless a team really needed depth RB, i cant see you getting a top tier RB by packaging those 2 or you would have to deal in a risky trade. Some ideas... #1 Zeke, really depends on the situation of the Zeke owner. If their team is struggling they may want to trade for more assurance and depth #2 Carlos Hyde, I think a lot of Hyde owners and myself are panicking with his ROS outlook, with either a trade, injury or split time #3 Kamara, In PPR
  7. I would take that CJA trade and hope for the best. I just am not sold on Ameer, #1 hes in a pass friendly offense, #2 hes injury history, #3 riddick eats into his 3rd/Passing down snapcounts, #4 i dont even think hes the preferred goal line back. I feel like the discrepancy of Ertz and ASJ is not that big and TE discrepancy in value is nowhere near of that of RBs. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678037-trade-hydeapcooks-for-gurleymixonalshon-whir-100/?tab=comments#comment-7469962
  8. I agree with others I would probably stay with Julio considering the investment already made and his ROS outlook. If you are desperate for a RB and a safer option I would do the Fitz/Mixon trade. Fitz is consistent and Mixon has upside that gets touches.
  9. Getting a RB2 or startable RB for a TE is great value, and your team definitely needs a RB. If i were you I would even think about trading Gronk for a better RB. I am not sold on Gronks injury history and Ertz is a top 3 TE anyways. Lamar miller may have an OK floor but his ceiling isnt that high, in addition I am worried about seeing Foreman eating into Millers load in the future. Foremans a beast.
  10. As Hyde owner myself as well, I would go with Breida. Hydes injury history speaks volume. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678037-trade-hydeapcooks-for-gurleymixonalshon-whir-100/
  11. I am 6-0 in a 10 man .5 PPR Auction League: QB:Wentz RB: Hyde, Martin, AP, Smallwood, Mcfadden WR: Evans, Michael Thomas, Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan, Shepherd, John Brown TE: Ertz I am thinking about trying to package to upgrade at the RB position, as I feel uneasy with Hydes ROS outlook as well as AP with an eventual DJ return. I want a top tier RB, hence Gurley and I believe Mixon is worth the risk for late season aspirations. Alshon had a rough start with tough matchups so I think there is still upside there as well. WHIR. Thanks!
  12. I am 6-0 in a 10 man .5 PPR Auction League: QB:Wentz RB: Hyde, Martin, AP, Smallwood, Mcfadden WR: Evans, Michael Thomas, Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan, Shepherd, John Brown TE: Ertz I am thinking about trying to package to upgrade at the RB position, as I feel uneasy with Hydes ROS outlook and favor McCoys. I tried a similar package for Melvin, Freeman and Gurley but all got denied. McCoy owner said yes to this. Thanks for your help. WHIR!
  13. It really depends what you want of the WR2. If you feel like you are desperate for points I would do a risky play like Hurns/Snead or maybe Kearse. If you believe in the core part of your team carrying the load a Eric Decker would be a fine play. I would say Decker if you want a safe floor. Hurns/Snead may give you that boom or bust type play that may win or lose you a week with 10pts+ or 2pts
  14. I think you won this trade, Chris Hogan is an extremely undervalued asset not only in real life but also fantasy. Can be a very solid WR2, with consistent redzone looks. Buck Allen on the other hand I believe we will continue to see the downward trend in snap counts, losing them to Alex Collins and eventually Woodhead who returns maybe week 11. QB wise I think river is the slight edge but not by much as QBs are always streamable based on mathups.
  15. I think Shady is going to do better with his schedule, but his team is bad so I still have my doubts. Gurley is a top 5 RB which is too valuable to give up for two underperforming assets like McCoy and Cooper. I love buying low Cooper on the low but not at the expense of a Gurley for Mccoy swap.
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