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  1. Bam is questionable Saturday. I have a feeling he'll play... If he had to stay out for covid protocols then why would they give him the questionable tag?
  2. He's gonna get 14/12 with 4 blocks or something next game and we're all just going to laugh it off and realize he never gets big minutes against Jokic
  3. Mannnnn y'all talking this guy down are going to regret it in two weeks. Let the man shake off his rust and get into a groove. I've been burned too many times this year by being a dumbass and dropping players only to watch them explode a couple weeks later and regret it!
  4. I think it's somewhat their coach's fault. Jim Boylen is an idiot and has been benching him every fourth quarter for most games so far.
  5. He's probably playing against Anthony Davis or something
  6. Quick! Give him the league ID # so he can look it up!
  7. Delayed to an unlevel hoop, apparently they're replacing it but the game will still be played
  8. Besides Whiteside and Collins, who else will play the 5? Pau Gasol for like 10 minutes a game at best until he gets hurt? Portland is screwed/very thin at the 5.
  9. How is punting more likely with Green? He literally gets you every stat except points. I think you're still high from the raptors winning the chip.
  10. As soon as I saw the Jimmy Butler trade I got excited for Jeff Teague. Not only will he get an opportunity at more shots, he will also have some 3 point shooters to pass to with RoCo and Dario. Yesssss
  11. I would just like to say, thank you Anthony Davis. Even though you missed a game this week, the three games that you did play amounted to enough for me to absolutely destroy my opponent, winning me the championship this year in my league. I am ecstatic.
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