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  1. It’s close but the CLE WR’s does tilt the decision to hunt.
  2. Chicago. Agree with the last post about the covid wrench with CLE. Also think with JRob out and Glennon at QB turned it for me as well.
  3. Due to injuries (McLaurin, Golladay), a suspension (Fuller) and covid issues (Higgins), that is all the options I’m left with. Marvin Hall (vs Jets) Chark (vs CHI) Fant (vs LAC) Hardman (vs ATL) Slayton (vs BAL) Full PPR league with bonus points for big play receptions (40+ yards). Down by 20 but still have Hurts, Monty, Coutee, TBass, and Cleveland D. Already played: Bowman, Kamara, ESanders, and Kittle. WHIR 100% thanks.
  4. Full PPR need 3 (McLaurin is auto start) ESanders, Chark, Coutee, Pittman In another non-ppr (Already have DAdams, Ridley, and TYHilton): Lockett or Juju WHIR Thanks.
  5. Now that Julio Jones is not on the injury report and will play this week, do I put Ryan back in the starting lineup or play Cousins or Dalton? Hard to believe Ryan's status is heavily dependent on Julio playing and the in-game reaggravation of Julio's hamstring is high.
  6. I would start Rodgers over Brees for sure. I would start Brady over Rodgers. I would even start Big Ben over Rodgers
  7. Like your chances and I would start Woods in the flex. I'm not sold on KWilliams on the road. I will assume your semifinal opponent has Russell Wilson as your QB. I like your chances if you win this week. Just hope that RWilson, ABrown, Hunt, and MThomas goes off. The player I would be most worried about would be ABrown since he's been beasting over the last 3 weeks and he's playing at home vs. NE which smells big time shootout. I wouldn't be suprised if ABrown exceeds his yardage total from last week and I think that game will easily go over the 53 points.
  8. CColeman or DJax in a full-PPR league. WHIR.
  9. Jamal Williams or Mike Davis non-ppr? Opponent is playing Russell Wilson if that triggers the decision one way or another. Not crazy about JWilliams matchup at CAR but do have ARodgers back. MDavis has a great matchup vs LAR but the SEA run-blocking has been atrocious all year. WHIR
  10. I'm leaning towards Davis, then Duke. Not an easy decision because I'm struggling between Duke and MDavis in a full-pt PPR as well.
  11. Westbrook for me. I don't think Kearse is the type of receiver that can beat any part of that DEN secondary (not to mention they travel to DEN. Dede will face a beaten down SEA secondary and they will force Bortles to throw more.
  12. 10-team standard and need to pick 2 from JGordon(vs GB but with wind concerns), JWilliams (@CLE but with AJones taking some touches away), Goodwin (@HOU) or RAnderson (@DEN with Talib back)
  13. Thanks guys. Just to be clear, I need 40 points from AJGreen and the QB spot combined. So it's possible I may not need half the points from my QB if AJG explodes tonight (but I think my QB will be getting the majority of the points). Looks like AB will play so it may be a moot point.
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