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  1. Middling talent on a team likely to face frequent negative game script, a QB who doesn't seem to feature the RB position in the passing game, and stats that were grossly inflated by a few big plays against teams playing prevent in games that were already over. I think people are seeing him as an opportunity/volume play as the default starter, while looking at his year-end totals and expecting him to improve upon them. Nothing to explain really, your rankings are bang-on.
  2. A bit misleading to look at QB attempts here, since everyone mentioned lost time due to injury. Have to look at total team attempts to get a sense of how many times they'll throw on the whole. 555 is pretty reasonable in my opinion, looking at the total attempt #s from the last couple years of the redskins O, which I assume the rams will resemble to some degree. Rams may be a little run-heavier, but I don't see McVay completely re-working a philosophy that was relatively successful in Washington.
  3. Anyone know more about his role in the Rams' offense? I'm assuming they'll be running some version of the recent Redskins' O, with Sammy working the X/Desean Jackson position as a field-stretcher, with Woods at the Z/Garcon. Theoretically looking at ~100 targets in that spot, based on usage last year. Sammy has a lifetime catch rate of around 55%, so assume he turns those ~100 targets into ~55-60 catches @ his career average of 16.1/catch, you're looking at a little under 1,000 yards, with anywhere from 4-12 TDs. Is this too pessimistic? Too optimistic?
  4. Absolutely pull the trigger here, you hit the nail on the head: the 3rd round is full of question marks and you're getting what only one other team in the league will have: an RB who can win your week on any given week. help?
  5. Hey all, 12 team 0.5PPR, start 2WR. Can keep Alshon or Sammy for free, but they MUST remain on my roster for the entire season, no trading/dropping. We only have four bench slots so a guy stuck on IR can be brutal. Im leaning Watkins because A-goff is looking much better, B-he doesn't have perennial soft tissue injuries like alshon, and C-i think he's the better natural talent. Alshon looks like he is gonna get fed in philly, though. Thoughts? WHIR!
  6. Cam throws what, ~30 att per game? At an elite, top 8 all-time RB catch rate of 80%, CMAC is gonna have to be targeted 113 times, or 7 times a game, meaning a target share of 23-24%, putting him in the top 3 most targeted running backs in the league if you go by 2016 stats, to get those approx 90 catches. All from a team that in 2015, when firing on all cylinders, had like 50 catches TOTAL from its RB corps? I know he's a special player, but it would require a total rewrite of history and the panthers playbook for this guy to achieve what some people are suggesting.
  7. Thought the quote from this article was somewhat telling, using the word 'backup' to refer to Hunt: http://www.chiefs.com/news/article-2/Patrick-Mahomes-Kareem-Hunt-and-Other-Rookies-Impress-in-Debut-/525c2031-ab40-4fd6-95c1-f91242cc5607 Reid on hunt: “I would have liked to have gotten him going on the offensive side, but he did a nice job there and that’s a plus,” said Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. “You need your backup running backs to be good special teamers. He really did a nice job with it.” I think, injuries aside, Hunt will work as a change of pa
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