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  1. I think Deebo will get a consistent amount of targets and run plays designed for him. While, he is out, other players fill in his shoes on the same plays. With Kittle also out, there is volume to go around somewhere. The issue is that the niners team (defense and offense) are just not the same anymore and I feel you would play based on match up or bye week filler only.
  2. I'd go sanders if he takes it. Thanks for responding to mine.
  3. I think the point difference from Thomas to Kelce is too great compared Hunt and Sanders. I understand your worry of injuries, but sometimes you gotta gamble for what you got. Kelce can be a league winner especially in a TE wasteland. I think you stay.
  4. Thanks on mine. This is close. Depending on your league, if it is PPR, I would go Kamara. Henry has the easier playoff schedule though, so it is tough. Depending on your taste, I prefer to have less players on the same squad and I'd pick Henry because I have Brees.
  5. My team is in the signature. I am very loaded at RB right now and I need to unload some off. I am trying to trade for AJ Brown right now for Antonio Gibson. However, he wants a package deal with another player. Who do you think I should try and give up first and what order? 1) Brandin Cooks 2) Justin Jefferson 3) Melvin Gordon 4) Jaymachal Hasty What would I be giving too much of? I want to give away Justin Jefferson or Brandin Cooks so I can keep some RB depth, but what are your thoughts. League is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (W
  6. Looks like Gronk is a good option for people in need of high upside TD Tight ends especially with OJ out for the season.
  7. I think you are giving too much. I think Robinson can finish higher than Taylor ROS.
  8. If you get julio, I'd accept in a hearbeat. Bell is going to eat into CEH's carries or receptions.
  9. I'd hold to wait it out unless you can get value similar to MG3
  10. James Robinson and Henry Ruggs for Ridley - Definitely no. don't trade Robinson for Ridley Or Kareem Hunt, Ty Hilton for Ridley and Peterson - I would consider this if you want an upgrade and reliable rb. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/828383-should-i-trade-melvin-gordon-for-cooper-kupp-100-whir/
  11. I think Lamar is not going to have a great of year as before. I think the trade will benefit on the difference of the TE points.
  12. I suggest you upgrade at QB and sell Gibson or Chark.
  13. All are 1 for 1. Not sure if you are looking to match positions. QB - Murray - BYE WK 8 - Potential Equal - Josh Allen (pretty much it) - I'd suggest streaming TannehillWR -A. Robinson - BYE WK 11WR - McLaurin - BYE WK 8 - Trade for fuller/Kupp/RobbyRB - J.Robinson - BYE WK 8 - I don't think anyone will give you the value he is at, but I value him at J Taylor/Sanders/ConnerRB - Conner TE - HenryFLEX - Mostert - BYE WK 11BENCHDrake - BYE WK 8 - Antonio Gibson/David MontogmeryFreeman - BYE WK 11Edmonds - BYE WK 8 - Dionte JohnsonMoss - BYE WK 11Slayton - BYE WK 11Diontae Johnson Hurst - BY
  14. Should I trade Melvin Gordon for Cooper Kupp? 100% WHIR My running backs are James Robinson, Antonio Gibson, Aaron Jones, CMC. WRs - Allen Robinson, Cooks, Justin Jefferson, Cooper Kupp Half -PPR; 2 rb; 2 wr; 1 flex
  15. Down 28 points. Need Josh allen to have a miracle today!
  16. Should I trade Antonio Gibson for tyler Boyd? my team is in the signature.
  17. I'd go Melvin gordon just due to volume. You don't even know how many targets Boyd is getting on a weekly basis. Melvin might get as many targets as boyds since they will be getting crushed.
  18. I would choose Burrow. You know what you get out of Mayfield and I think the Bengals will be playing from behind tonight.
  19. If you need a higher ceiling, I think the Parris Campbell match up feels good going into it since he mainly plays the slot. If you need a conservative play, I'd go with hunt.
  20. You didn't really ask a questions. I'd rank this week match up for your WR Amendola, Djax, LAzard, Reagor, shenault, Edwards Amendola and Djax due to the fact Golloday is out and targets are going somewhere.
  21. Yeah, if you need them to be fillers than I suppose. As long as you think your league is willing to trade in 2-3 weeks. I'd do it. I actually think the Sanders side wins the trade.
  22. Robinson hands down. He gets all the carries and love from his coaching staff.
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