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  1. Agree with everyone else, this is a no-brainer. Don't overthink this one
  2. .5 ppr QB: Ben Roethlisberger RB: Saquon Barkley, Austin Ekeler, David Johnson, DeAndre Swift, Marlon Mack, Zack Moss, Duke Johnson WR: Chris Godwin, Calvin Ridley, Robert Woods, Will Fuller V TE: Evan Engram K: Robbie Gould DEF: KC
  3. My point was that he has been below average, and now has a bye and 3 straight weeks of tough sledding. Getting average/below average production from your 1st or 2nd pick for the first 9 weeks will definitely cost some people a chance at the playoffs. Of course it's not all on him, but he's a major factor. If he can go off against one or two of these tough defenses, than my point is moot.
  4. Meh. This week he performed fine, but now gets a bye, @NE, @DEN, and Buffalo. His playoff schedule looks decent but at that point he's cost a lot of us a chance at making the postseason. He's only averaged ~10.5 points in .5 ppr leagues so far, and the next stretch doesn't look any easier. I'm probably still going to look to trade him.
  5. Anyone been watching the Browns? Is he just not getting separation? Baker not looking his way?
  6. Rough first game. At least he gets Tampa next.
  7. You left out the part where he scored a touchdown in each of those games last year...
  8. Positives: Didn't get hurt. Led the Packers in targets, gave you at least something, 4 catches for 36 yds. This is likely his worst performance of the year. Negatives: Limped off the field at one point This performance was worse than any he had last year, by a significant margin. Gave you WR4 numbers as a first round pick.
  9. Bears need to stop being cute with Tribusky and Mike Davis running the damn ball
  10. Anyone starting him Sunday? Redskins rush defense was pretty good last year, so I'm hesitant. Plus I want to see how his role shakes out.
  11. What's the earliest you guys would draft him in a standard points league? I know he's better in roto, but he really fell in my points league draft last night (pick #111)and wondered if that was common.
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