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  1. Naquin from Cin or Mullins from Bal, either or are both 🔥 right now.
  2. Ok, but how much is he playing today?
  3. I'm guessing we should be watching Twitter for Bills beat writers before the game?
  4. So does this make Diggs and Josh an auto sit? Really blows if so.
  5. Wonder if Diggs will be on the same plan and Josh.
  6. For people that are actually playing in week 17, how many of you are playing him, knowing the risk he only plays a couple series?
  7. Thank you for a championship, my friend! 80 point comeback FTW with just Diggs and you!
  8. STTD not showing on CBS, that should definitely go to the defensive points, right?
  9. Anybody watch Ekeler's Twitch today where he had Keenan on and they were watching the Cards game? I'd imagine he would've answered some tough questions from the peanut gallery regarding tomorrow and his last "dont bench me" game.
  10. Kamara's historic performance. See you guys in July.
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