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  1. Pick 2 for full PPR league. Marvin Jones, Crowder, Powell?
  2. GIVE: CMC GET: Bell & Juju Bell has a nice schedule... Also I can keep Juju for an 8th round pick next year. team in sig
  3. Assuming Fournette plays, need 2 rbs to play (1 in RB slot and 1 in Flex). choose 2 of: 1. Carlos Hyde 2. Mike Davis 3. Kerwynn Williams people saying Hyde doesn't have a great matchup and getting less touches & passes recently (PPR league), although his floor has been steady. team and league settings in sig. WHIR Thanks!
  4. League/team in sig. 1 pt PPR WDIS? Keenan Allen vs JAX (scary but safe floor) Thomas Rawls vs ARI (starter?) Martin vs NYJ (new game script with Fitz?) also since I'm playing 3 WR league, Devante Adams should be starting in the WR spot over Allen right? WHIR!
  5. Wentz > Dak. try to give white then gore then corwell imo.
  6. hmm i don't think it matters. I'd drop Mcfadden. apparently he's 3rd on the depth chart
  7. Team in sig. 1 PPR League. 3 WR trading away: Davante Adams (can be kept for 8th rounder next year) Carlos Hyde/Doug Martin receive: Mike Evans Guy with Mike Evans isn't looking to win this year. I am in 2nd place right now. Good trade? if so, who's better ROS: Hyde/Martin?
  8. Team in sig. 1 PPR. Our playoff schedule is 1 week matchups from 14-16. thinking of trading Julio + Devante + Hyde/Martin for Baldwin + Hopkins The guy with Hopkins isn't looking to win and Devante can be kept for a 8th round next year. Would you do this trade?
  9. I'd keep Gurley. I'm a Julio owner and its a headache. Gurley can outscore both.
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