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  1. I went 13-2 overall including playoffs, with #1 seed and had the highest overall score. How many weeks I played each player in parentheses. Championship week starters in bold. QB: Russell Wilson (13) Cam Newton (1) Jalen Hurts (1) RB: James Robinson (11) Nick Chubb (10) Ronald Jones II (6) Saquon Barkley (2) Myles Gaskin (2) Damien Harris (2) D'Andre Swift (2) Miles Sanders (1) Leonard Fournette (1) WR: Stefon Diggs (14) A.J. Brown (11) Robert Woods (9) Darius Slayton (2)
  2. The league winner, the hero. Salute this man!
  3. yeahhhhh that didn’t age well, thankfully! Hopefully the Bills DST did just enough to help those who needed them!
  5. Diggs got shadowed hard in the end zone by Jackson and got INT'd. Luckily it was called back but Allen probably won't look at Diggs in the end zone the rest of the game.
  6. *Sigh* 9 plays on the opening drive and Allen doesn't look at his best WR's way once. Just needed a decent game out of AJ Brown and Woods and neither delivered. If Diggs can't outscore Buffalo's DST + 14, then I'm screwed.
  7. You would think Tennessee would watch how confident Aaron is with Adams and force it downfield with him and think “Hmm, we should try that with AJB”. Instead they are on the sidelines drawing up more passes to Firsker and Bateson.
  8. I just need an average, solid 10+ pt AJB day. That’s all I ask. Put my opponent’s Bills D out of reach...
  9. Jets have a decent run D, one of the few things they can do. With all the Browns WRs out they are putting pressure up front. Meanwhile the Browns are chucking it to Hooper instead. Now down 14-3 they will probably sit Chubb and go pass heavy with Hunt.
  10. I'd go with Cooper... Kupp, that is. Higher overall floor in this matchup I think.
  11. 0.5 PPR - WHIR Pick 2: Miles Sanders (would be stacking w/ Jalen Hurts) AJ Brown Robert Woods
  12. 85 yard pass and you still might lose because the kicker shanked the XP.
  13. Darren Waller vs. every other mediocre talent in this game:
  14. My [insert player] isn't getting [insert type of statistic], this guy is a [insert forum-appropriate name calling] and [insert Head Coach name] is [insert 2nd forum-appropriate name] that needs to be fired. Player makes a play. About time [insert player]! All that [insert 2nd forum-appropriate name + Head Coach name] has to do is [insert play action + player]. Then they'd win the game!
  15. Goodbye friend. You cost $0, gave us RB1 numbers all season and got many of us to the championship. Your team may have been in last place but you were first in our hearts. Get well, champ...
  16. A bit outdated with RJII but owning a Bruce Arians RB still holds the same sentiment...
  17. Arians still finding a way to mess with RoJo owners... or at least the ones who picked up Fournette for the big game.
  18. Seriously. They need to let him run at least 1-2 more series, just to stretch his legs. Don't let him be the only one to get shut down before halftime.
  19. I think unless you have absolutely nothing else in the top 30 for RB or top 50 for flex he’s very very risky this week and a bench if you have someone healthier and in a better matchup. And this is coming from someone who has supported RB1SZN all year. If he plays he’s still very easily capable of 10-12 pts. But that might be his ceiling unless everything breaks his way and he proves healthy the whole game. I hope I’m wrong and he feasts for those who start him. But he got us this far as an undrafted rookie. Time to rest easy champ, and let the others carry us the last mile to the sh
  20. Any chance he comes back to TB next season? Maybe they run him hard vs the bad Detroit D without RoJo to determine if he’s worth signing next season?
  21. Logan Thomas if he's still available and you don't have a top 3 TE. Redskins are desperate to win and he's been a safety valve the last 3 weeks.
  22. They gave him some terribly set up runs though. Then gave Hunt the next series. Chubb needs to pop off to start the 2nd half.
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