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  1. Goff is a solid option in 12 team. WRs are obviously stacked and the heel of your success RB's are a bit of a concern, but I'm sure you know that TE is a crap shoot outside of big names. Walker is serviceable. K is a stud Def is solid Overall, it's a solid team. I'd personally look to trade Cooks for another RB and just wait for Green. Best of luck,
  2. As my #1, I'd have to go Cooper here. Yes the foot issue is a concern, but he's the bonafide #1 option in that offense right now with Zeke status looking. Yes Godwin has a ton of upside, but there are too many mouths to feed in that offense. Hoping that Winston supports 2 WR1s is a lot to ask for. Best of luck,
  3. Team is in sig. 10 team full PPR picked from 4 spot WHIR as usual
  4. Piscotty. Cesar Hernadez has been amazing thus far, ride him to the wheels fall off. Best of luck,
  5. Marte. He's got the higher upside and youth on his side which is what I'd prefer to keep. Best of luck,
  6. While I'm all for stud prospects, I would definitely do the trade. This obviously gives you an elite 3 headed monster at SP and gives you solid depth/young arms. Slot Acuna into the outfield and enjoy the ride! Best of luck,
  7. While I think it's closer than people are giving credit for, I'd go with Hoskins. Best of luck,
  8. Team is in sig. 10 team, 6 keeper league: Machado, Arenado, J Ramirez, B Harper, K Bryant, Springer are my current 6 keepers. I've been trying to grab 1 of Trout, Altuve, Goldy, but all are off limits for different reasons. I've been looking at Lindor, Bregman, Benitendi, T Turner. The only "reasonable" offer I received back that got me thinking was: I SEND: Springer and D Gordon I RECEIVE: T Turner As you can see, Gordon is just a bench bat, and isn't a keeper, so it's not that big a loss. So basically it comes down to, would you rather Springer or Tur
  9. Realmuto Contreras Ramos Pretty sure that's the consensus, but I could make an argument to swap the top 2 Best of luck,
  10. Yes to the trade! While you don't need Ozzie, he's still an awesome young player to have as MI. Pick up Pivetta. Him alone isn't much of a "downgrade". Best of luck,
  11. Hold onto the #1. They still have a pretty crowded OF, so guaranteed PT isn't a sure thing with Tapia. Best of luck,
  12. Well, here's how I look at it. Snell is having his greatest season to date. His FIP is crazy, and you gotta love his K/9. Being on the Rays may limit his innings come later in the year to preserve his stuff, but that's neither here nor there. Kershaw, while his injuries creep up year in and year out, he's still the best pitcher in baseball. With him back now mixed with the Dodgers starting to hit and score some runs, you've gotta love that as a Kershaw owner. Me personally, Snell would be the safer option. I tend to "roll the dice" more often than not, so I
  13. Team is in my signature. I'm currently tied for 2nd place in my 10 team, 6 keeper weekly points league. So my bats are heavy in my teams make up. As for SP, I've been getting along with stashing some DL guys and mid tier level SPs. Since we start 3 SPs and 1 RP, I've pretty much just streamed some 2 start SPs and hope my bats carry me along. Today, however, I received a couple interesting offers that MAY help my entire teams makeup moving forward. I SEND: Brantley RECEIVE: Greinke Or I SEND: Springer RECEIVE: Greinke AND Carlos Martinez
  14. Nope. You'd be downgrading in both positions imo. Hold the fort with Thor/Cody Best of luck,
  15. E5 all the way! And I'd prefer you hold onto Scooter here.. Best of luck,
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