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  1. There were 19 seconds left when Fitz got the ball; I assume the numbers say the Raiders should have won there, but that's why you always take the points (i.e. a TD) when available. You never know what'll happen.
  2. Every fantasy players in the world is cheering on that one after they had Jacobs basically take a knee on that TD. Obviously this is the lower probability outcome, though.
  3. Coleman is absolutely terrible, so even if he's working into the rotation early in the game; I can't see it lasting. He's completely washed.
  4. GB will put up like 27 points in the first quarter on the Titans DST, so it likely won't matter. Rodgers will basically score at will against this defense.
  5. This game easily profiles as a higher-than-average throwing game for Tannehill due to the fact the Titans DST is going to get shredded. Let's just say if he's throwing closer to 40 times it's really unlikely he has anything near a floor game. And GB DST is pretty good on the secondary, but the Titans should be able to score. Disclaimer: I have just witnessed the Jets beat the Rams and the Bengals beat the Steelers; so who knows WTF will actually happen.
  6. There are like 5-6 guys clearly above him; I think the two I'd have some conflict with are Brady and Herbert. Maybe Tannehill in a shoot-out in GB, but would probably lean Hurts there.
  7. In the original tweet, I believe he was attempting to reference a team source, but didn't come across clearly. Seems its Arians and the Bucs that have called Jones "doubtful".
  8. I think it depends on when he actually tested positive.
  9. I think it's pretty clear from that Tweet he was a confirmed positive.
  10. Lots of maybe RBs for finals: Ahmed, Snell, Henderson/Brown, Ito Smith.
  11. Brown worth an add if Henderson isn't available.
  12. Let's be honest. All those guys will probably be ranked ahead of him with maybe the exception of Prescott due to injury. Probably Lawrence as well. He will likely be the late-QB darling though that all the pundits pat themselves on the back about for being clever.
  13. Hah thank you, that actually helped out quite a bit. Your process prompted me to avoid this backfield altogether and play Kareem Hunt.
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