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  1. Jeff Green and Demarre Carroll to be added toe the rockets. say bye bye to any value House may have had. It's going to be a time share between all these position-less wings. RoCo and Tucker will be guaranteed minutes, but House/Green/Carroll/Rivers/McLemore... These guys will all split minutes. Add E Gordon to the mix too.
  2. I'm happy and not happy about the trade. I stashed Wood and KPJ. One was a hit, the other is a mild bust after the trade. The question isn't whether KPJ is droppable in a vacuum.. It's whether he's the choice to drop if someone good is on the wire.. eg. Lot's of buzz about Ky Bowman with literally ZERO PGs in GSW. It's a question like that you should be asking when thinking about KPJ's value. Because in a value, I don't think KPJ is a drop because it's worth seeing what he's got with this new look Cavs. But still, it's a worry and you have to think about dropping him for th
  3. KAT = serious shut down risk Kawhai = Load Management Which one do you take in a one for one trade? NOTE: I own KAT and am big man heavy (J Collins/Bryant/D Powell in a 16 teamer)
  4. Do you think I have a shot at Huerter instead of Lee?
  5. Collins = consistency while PG = big explosions of points but also some lower lows.. and rest risk. Based on playing it safe, I'd take Collins.
  6. First of all looking at my sig, my team looks bad. I've been decimated with injuries and forced to drop Isaac and Conley just to keep my head above water. So with Thomas Bryant coming back, I have too many C's. With a healthy front line of KAT/Collins/Bryant, I won't need Powell. Does this trade work for me if i offer Powell for Damion Lee? Lee looks like the real deal for ROS. And Powell is putting up good enough numbers that the Lee owner should be interested.
  7. Very nice. I'm joking with my brother to trade him my Collins for his Jokic straight up lol.
  8. fking BS. Just about to get Collins back and this happens. I have Bryant on IR as well. I drafted thinking I had the best big man line up in my league but I've been so weak instead.
  9. One more thing. After my whole rant about load mgmt... I'm still holding Conley wtf. I'm just trying to put out a bunch of trade offer for now. all declined or left for the proposal to expire. For your reference to all owners looking to trade him away... I'm in a 16-team league with 10 roster slots + 1 IR slot. Declined trades: Conley for Kennard Conley for Tucker Conley for Dejounte Conley for Schroder (someone on this thread said they were offered this by Schroder owner so thought i'd try even though it is an obv decline). Conley for J
  10. It looks like your league settings are perfect to pull this off. Not everyone has that luxury. My league goes off standard waiver priority starting with draft position at the start of the season, then every new waiver used pushes you to the back of the priority. Also we only have one IR slot. Usually thats good enough, but this is just one of those seasons. Almost every team in my league has a long term injury in the IR.
  11. what's the deal with Ibaka? Is this a sell high moment? Or is what he doing sustainable? I just got offered him and his recent numbers look very nice but i'm skeptical.
  12. Conley out for weeks, and looks like he'll be load managed when he comes back anyway. Ingles might have good ROS value even if Conley is healthy due to load management. Holmes is the drop
  13. Yes I agree. keep what you have. Kemba is so good and your trading Collins jsut when he's about to come back? What a waste of you holding him. This trade would have been more acceptable 4 weeks ago.
  14. Conley is basically a drop these days (looks like he will be load managedthe rest of the season). I say do it.
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