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  1. Need this man to be back and shredding immediately.
  2. I feel like his long run of the year has to be about 8 yards. Can't remember a big one from him yet, so hopefully he starts popping some off. I like my RBs to pop.
  3. I would think they let Ingram go if it's not a big cap hit, which I imagine it's not. I got him in two auctions for like $5 so I have to sit on him all year but if he's the RB1 there going into next year, I'm happy to keep him.
  4. Coming out of the bye makes sense, but with Fitz being basically the league MVP it seems strange to make the choice now. Irregardlessly, Tua will get banged up and Fitz will be back in a few weeks.
  5. Surely not dropping. They weren't clicking against GB for whatever reason, but their defense is absolutely awful so they're going to be throwing a lot every game.
  6. He's still a rookie, and they're not exactly force feeding him. I have him in dynasty and would need a large haul to sell.
  7. I'm rolling him out this week, let's go Herbie
  8. ******** hell. Get this man going. It's only 7 AM in San Francisco so maybe he'll practice in some fashion yet today.
  9. Actually I'm worried I have to start him this week. The Washington d-line is good and that's what usually creates problems for Goff. As bad as Washington is on offense, I could see him struggling this weekend, not to mention it's a cross country game for the Rams.
  10. That's what I was just checking - Where are all these cake NFC East matchups. Unfortunately it's not for a few weeks. Not only that, but he plays against the Pitt D this week which is really tough to run again. Seem like all my backs are constantly playing elite defenses. On another note - I know the bad pass is mentioned above - But 2 catches for him per game is not enough. He needs to have 5 catches a game. Get him in some space for god's sake.
  11. I am both a Packers fan and scheduled to play against Julio in this cursed fantasy season, so he will be back and he will have a monster game. Start with confidence.
  12. Shannahan said he's out, but of course he's still marked as Doubtful. Rest up prince, need you starting healthy next week for those 75 yard bangers
  13. It's always good to see a headline about your player on ESPN during the game. I pulled it up on my phone to check the NBA but the front page was the NFL game and headline "Fitzpatrick nearly perfect as Dolphins lead...." oh yeah.
  14. Started him and am happy with the result. Wish he would've gotten another TD and some more yards tho. He only had like 160 yards passing because they only threw the ball 20 times since the Baguars were awful. Happy with the Beard today tho lfg
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