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  1. I would probably go Pitt, as they’re the best actual defense of the bunch. I know they’re banged up and Indy is a decent offense, but Rivers will throw picks. I have a hunch the Steelers actually show up this week.
  2. Championship week, who do y’all prefer out of WAS or CHI? Football Team at home vs. Carolina, Bears at JAX. WAS is the better unit, Bears have the better matchup.
  3. Hilton owns the Texans, but I really don’t think you can go wrong with either. Dobbins has the higher floor, but Hilton probably has the higher ceiling. Thanks for mine.
  4. Akers 100% without hesitation. Last week the game was outta hand, and it was still Akers out there running the clock out. He will beast.
  5. I like Fournette with RoJo out. He’ll catch passes as well.
  6. Honestly I’d stick with the Football Team. I know it’s scary, but they are legit one of the best units in the league. Seattle has a great offense, but they’ve shown weakness against lesser defenses. Look what the Giants did to them. Add to that the game is in Washington, and I feel pretty good about them.
  7. All things equal it’s Mostert for me, the matchup is too good. But his ankle is an additional wrinkle that I’m also dealing with. The fact that he has no injury designation and is good to go leads me to believe he should be alright. The Giants have been using Dion Lewis and Alf a lot more lately. Thanks for mine.
  8. Wow I was gonna say Juju but don’t let me dissuade you. Both should be decent plays this week. Thanks for mine.
  9. Picked up Wilson bc of Mostert’s ankle issue. Everyone’s been touting ol’ Jeff as a smash play all week, but now Mostert is back with no injury designation. Wilson has been a little more dependable these last few weeks. I’m facing Derrick Henry in the semis and I’m missing CMC. It’s gonna be a bloodbath unless I make every correct move. WHO DO I START?!?
  10. Ehh I’m scared of the Taysom Hill experiment. Probably would go Higgins.
  11. Hunt for me. Thanks for yr help on mine
  12. Fulgham. I love Pittman, but I don’t trust Rivers to give him enough targets.
  13. It’s Clyde for me. Higgins’ matchup is tough. Gio is interesting, but I think CEH has a big week.
  14. 12 team half ppr Raegor at CLE , Curtis Samuel vs. DET, Pittman vs GB
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