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  1. Need 46 points between Allen and the Bills Defense, thanks to Adams' and Gaskin's performances. Edit: i am in the finals
  2. Will this guy be the most owned player on championship teams? They play the Jags next week.
  3. I have Ridley, my opponent started Matt Ryan. It could've been a problem with Ryan limiting Ridley's scoring, except that Russell Gage threw the 39-yard TD to Ridley 😆
  4. Hopefully he takes a breather and calms down, comes back in after a few series.
  5. Eric Decker was the last one i can think of. I think they just bulk up and play TE now.
  6. Their other option was Trubisky... He's playing well now, but he wasn't exactly lighting it up early in the season.
  7. Damn, I was enjoying that Engram garbage time with Colt McCoy
  8. Also the fact that he didn't make a single one, including Extra Points
  9. Landed upside-down right on his head, looked really bad. Hopefully just his collarbone, yeeeesh
  10. TFW you drop Gesicki to make space for CMC and David Johnson off IR.
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