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  1. No way. Bell has done nothing all year. Stick with Jones.
  2. I'd do the Cook trade. Bell and the Jets suck.
  3. Depends if you're set at WR if you drop him. If you are, then sure, take the risk.
  4. I would. You're think at RB then but you could grab someone off waivers if Edmonds doesn't start.
  5. Which of the following trades should I do (if any)? 1. Lev Bell and Stefon Diggs for Nick Chubb 2. Lev Bell and Stefon Diggs for Kamara and Waller Leave a link to yours and I'll help.
  6. Jones is hot right now, ride it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/766976-who-to-start/
  7. My team is in shambles, trying to piece it together. 10 team standard Start 3 out of 4: D Freeman, A Peterson, C Hyde, or DJ Chark Starters Russel Wilson Devonta Freeman Adrian Peterson Carlos Hyde Michael Thomas Terry Mclaurin Delanie Walker Bears D Will Lutz Bench L Bell Stephon Diggs Tevin Coleman Michael Gallup Malcom Brown Lamar Jackson DJ Chark Darrius Guice IR
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