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  1. Definitely deserves to be the top receiving option behind KA
  2. Anybody watch this game closely and notice how he looks compared to Tyrell? Only play I saw between the two of them was the dropped TD by Tyrell .
  3. Will be the 4th option when Edelman is back and they have how many rbs on the roster? 6?
  4. Cry about it. Ball obvious bounced off the ground lol
  5. Gonna miss going to the finals cause of bum a** Carlos...
  6. im naming my son Mark if i win this matchup
  7. shoutout to kizer for single handedly costing me a trip to the 'ship
  8. Yeah I’m sure he’ll drop 7/140/1 on my bench
  9. I plan on benching him for Goodwin next week
  10. same. benched him for hyde who of course scored his first td since week 6. cause #fantasy
  11. i realllllllllllly need to stop playing evans...
  12. Everyone still down on Carlos this week? He did have 20 touches last game..
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