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  1. They need to get Trubisky in there asap, Glennon is awful
  2. yeah landry will prolly finish with 30 more catches but parker will have twice as many tds. i think they're equal in ppr imo
  3. this may be the most frustrating player ive ever owned........
  4. Low ceiling and low floor. Drop city me thinks
  5. And he's back!!! Glad I didn't knee jerk after one game. Gates got the record today as well.
  6. look at the bright side guys, the bears have the steelers, packers, and vikings coming up
  7. regretting that i drafted him right about.....now
  8. bears look absolutely abysmal on offense
  9. I'm going to be disappointed if Brady doesn't throw for 500 yards on the Saints next week
  10. I owned him the last two years. The vikings o-line is trash and Bradford hardly ever throws the ball downfield. Unless he's playing the worst defense in football lol
  11. Diggs owners act like he'll be playing against the worst defense in the league every week lol
  12. you know your defense is trash when Bradford throws the ball downfield on you
  13. Biggest question is why did the Bears abandon the run for the most part only being down one score?
  14. can you email me the leaguesafe url please so i can pay? thendrix100@yahoo.com
  15. good luck learning the pats' complex as hell offense in week 15.
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