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  1. Drummond being btch but if he gets healthy soon like in a week I think he will come back and be salvation
  2. Yup I've picked him up in 2 deep leagues - it's the classic late season under that radar vet pickup who comes out of nowhere to post top 75ish value.
  3. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the 7 steals...
  4. I scooped him up in most leagues after the trade, then was somewhat dismayed at first. But his offense is bananas and the Wiz are crap and play a high pace...so hopefully this is the start of a good run.
  5. He got two techs and was tossed in that first garbage game He's been getting steals all year and has upside for 1.5 steals with more minutes. Also his length will get him some blocks but not consistently.
  6. Well, not a bad prediction...probably too high on the blocks tho...
  7. He has dynasty value but its dampened by being behind KAT. Needs a trade. He is also still terrible as most rookies are. But he's a beast and he's only 20. He's most valuable in terms of a handcuff if you own KAT and play roto where you can stash bench spots.
  8. Ha I was thinking the same thing. He fits because he just camp out and hit the corner 3 on offense, and he's their best rim protector on defense that can stretch the floor...he would probably beast out on boards and stocks if he got PT. But I don't see them playing him but who knows, maybe the lineups shake out a certain way he plays more. Lots of bodies there. Probably under 15 min/night if he does play barring injuries.
  9. Im going to disagree - he was per minute one of the most productive players in the league and posting relevant value in very limited minutes. He's been somewhat slumping which coincides with injuring his hand, although he did have 5 steals in a game last week. I would actually pickup or target and see how it shakes out post break. He could provide elite steals and easily be inside the top 100.
  10. Most of these guys are long gone in most deeper / standard leagues I would think, but great pickups. Same with Kevin Porter, but I found him on the wire in one league so scooped him up. I would roster him over Garland. Coby White / Thad Young are two that I like as streamers coming out of the ASB, they have 3 games in 4 days. Malik Monk is putting together some consistency. House for sure but he's probably long gone. In really deep leagues I like to stream Grant Williams, who's getting some PT and just seems to be around
  11. Exactly - good thing they in tank mode...they're probably just like hey kid go nuts.
  12. They needed his scoring and he did a lot of damage when Murray was out. But with everyone back I think he still has value as someone who can carry the offense on the 2nd unit and carve out some value ROS in about 20 min / night or so...esp considering his sky high rebounding rate and ability to chip in stocks and 3's...
  13. It's crazy! Like the minute he touches the ball he's jacking up a 3. If they were competitive / playoff team he probably has way less of a leash to just shoot. But then again he's making them so maybe...
  14. One of the most underrated players in all of fantasy. Does anyone else see the value in having a high FG / high points / low TO / as a non-big / chips in 1 steal + 0.5 blocks...
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