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  1. This week seems tricky for those of us still playing. What do people feel about teams potentially playing against second string players: Chargers vs. KC, Miami vs. Buffalo (conflicting reports)?
  2. I guess no news is good news for Freeman staying on IR?
  3. Until he's benched for Tua... Miami doesn't seem to really care about winning this year.
  4. Time's almost up on waiting for him to take over. No way you can rely on him for the playoffs unless Singletary goes down. He's a desperation flex at best.
  5. Yeah, I am wondering about weeks 14 and 15 also. Makes me want to consider an upside QB on the bench just in case the rest of my roster is looking shaky at that point, and I need upside.
  6. Stop that talk!!!!! (2019 AJG owner and 2020 Crowder owner)
  7. The answer is straight forward. Anytime someone mentions a percentage, they are talking about percentage of original budget, end of story. Percentage of an individual's remaining fab makes no sense. It is simply a way to normalize for different starting budgets ($100 vs. $200 vs. whatever).
  8. Everyone remember the Wilson fake out the first week after Mostert went down the first time, when McKinnon got all the looks after it looked like a timeshare? My bet is still on McKinnon this week.
  9. Most underappreciated player in FF right now?
  10. Yahoo just removed the Q tag. Any news out there on his status?
  11. When was the last time Pittsburgh actually went with a RB committee? I can't remember a committee approach lasting for more than an odd game or two in many years.
  12. It's a fair trade, but I'd be looking to trade for a better RB if you want to shop MT with that roster.
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