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  1. With all the holes on that Jax team I'd be very surprised if they drafted a RB.
  2. Dropped him for Paul Richardson. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  3. I think they are just easing Trubs into it and will slowly open up the offense as the season goes on. They definitely need to get Kendall Wright more involved though and I'd love to see some quick slants to Cohen. Offense has been way to predictable (trick plays aside) up to this point. As for Cohen, he's a must hold imo. He has the tools the Bears just need to use him.
  4. Praying for a trade. This guy is going to blow up if he goes to a halfway decent team. I'll take a 0 from him this week for that to happen!
  5. In 1 league I had a trade vetoed that had David Johnson (week 1 after he was injured) coming to me and Doug Martin going to him. League vetoed the trade. News came out about DJ's injury so I didn't really want to trade. Other owner resends the trade and I accept because it's the right thing to do. I had originally accepted the trade and it was vetoed bc of bull****. I accept the trade and it goes through. In another league (2QB) guy offers me LeSean McCoy for Matt Ryan. I accept. League vetoes the trade. Commish decides that league vote is bs and we vote to change the setting. Offe
  6. Doesn't change the fact that nothing we saw in game 1 predicted these results. You're reasoning was stupid then and is still stupid now.
  7. incoming csb but I was down by 45 going into this. That garbage TD just won me my matchup. Thank you Watson!
  8. Blame yourself for starting Cooper and Watkins first
  9. Not really because in real life football when the backup scores a TD the team still gets the points.
  10. Fantasy football seems to be turning into a game of whose team can stay the healthiest.
  11. Seriously. I don't think he's even in the top 50 for points scored this season.
  12. Days like today make me hate fantasy football. Thank you Marshawn Lynch. Thank you Sammy Watkins. Thank you Demaryius Thomas.
  13. Can you outfox a Fox? I don't think so. He's outsmarted us all. Wait no. He's just really stupid.
  14. That's the 2nd or 3rd hit like that they would have 100% called if it happened to Rodgers. Officiating is atrocious.
  15. If the Bears had hit Rogers like Glennon just got hit that'd be roughing the passer 99% of the time.
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