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  1. 10 team ESPN non ppr Who would you suggest? Starting Adams and Hilton at wr Chubb and Mostart at rb
  2. Sorry I meant Kareem Hunt who plays the Giants
  3. Starting Chubb and Mostert at rb Adams and TY Hilton at wideout Have Keenan Allen but pulled due to injury and put Hilton in his place ESPN 10 team standard non ppr I might add i am up 19 points on my opponent from round one! Thinking Hunt might be the safer bet
  4. I am in the same boat! Have Hilton in my line up right now and Allen is on my bench!Have an 18 point lead from round one so I think I will play it safe with Hilton! I also have Davnte Adams in my line with Adam Theilan EsPN 10 team standard non ppr
  5. Good problem to have but I keep going back and forth on who to start! ESPN non ppr 10 team
  6. With 11 cracked ribs and a puncture lung it could be more than a couple of weeks!
  7. The game got moved to Sunday which should let Andrews heal up a little more
  8. Dallas Goedert vs. Seattle or Mark Andrews vs. Pitt 10 team non ppr
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