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  1. It was a tough game for him to say the least, but with the game on the line in the 4th quarter he did drop a dime which should have been for the tying score and it was dropped. The very next play will be the one that is remembered on the int.
  2. So many preposterous statements in this thread! All aboard the Pe-Train!!!
  3. Bizarre when a quarterback throws for 300 yards 4 touchdowns catapults his team to a 7-2 record with an impressive road win has to wait until Wednesday to be confirmed starter!
  4. Any time you start questioning a quarterbacks weapons as the reason that they aren't producing it gets a bit dicey. Great quarterbacks can make trash look good! Keenum and Bridgewater are both game managers. The Vikings are winning games the same way with Keenum that they would with Bridgewater. Why mess with chemistry for a largely lateral move? It was a lateral move before Teddy almost lost his leg in a non-contact injury. Nobody knows how Teddy will respond to game action as alot of his game was dictated by his movement in the pocket.
  5. Hard to argue his production from a target and yards standpoint (6th in yards per game, 6th in targets, 5th in rec per game), but its incredible that he hasn't yet found the endzone after averaging about 6 a year for the last 4 years. Going to keep throwing him out there and hope the law of averages and the fantasy football gods balance out this dilemma. Hopefully patience is the purveyor of a 3 touchdown game here down the stretch!
  6. Robert Woods=superstar Perfect timing on this breakout with alot of byes. My plan was to plug and play for a week and drop. Love it when it works out like this!
  7. Everyone talks about the Jets/Bucs game as a revenge game for Fitzpatrick, how about a revenge game for the Jets D on Fitz for sucking balls last year! Starting the Jets D with confidence!
  8. He's 4th in standard scoring leagues right now too. People were talking about dropoing him last week! With Lucks status murky in preseason if you drafted Hilton to be your WR1 you probably should have made a better decision. As a WR2 with blowup potential is properly placement for TY.
  9. That was bad, but when a guy that folks were arguing preseason could put his hat in the ring for best saftey takes that bad of an angle and everybody else was afraid of contact (much like the Cowboys case) it takes the cake. Certainly debatable. It's the kind of defense you get when you make all the rule changes over the years to generate more offense mixed with the fact that teams now draft purely on athletic ability and not being a fundamentally sound player.
  10. They should have sat him two weeks ago! Hopefully he gets right and is ready in a couple of weeks for the stretch run and playoffs for fantasy.
  11. Perfect bye week filler! Gets targets in a good offense and obviously has good rapport with Goff. Should be noted that his first touchdown was the worst defensive play I have ever seen on that 3rd and 33.
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