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  1. Hell nah. Dropped him after he gave me neg pts.
  2. < 2 from Delanie in standard. Here comes another L
  3. I flexed Henry over Diggs. I deserve to lose.
  4. Yea he is looking pretty reliable. Trying to figure out who I like better between him and Engram.
  5. Who do you guys like better between Engram and Doyle? Mulling over who to put a claim in for.
  6. People really think Brady is done after having a rough night against a solid D? He will probably have 350+ yards and 4 TDs next week. Relax.
  7. No. The Pats made an offer that the Bills didnt match. He wasnt cut.
  8. Smells like it but you never know with fantasy..
  9. Choo choo! Lets see what this guy can do with this opportunity.
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