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  1. Owner with Nuk has Kyler Murray as a QB so think hes prob pretty happy with what hes got. Kinda the issue really, theres only like 2 teams in the league who have QBs outside of a top 10 so.
  2. Guy is offering me Davante for Hilton and Matt Ryan. He needs a QB as his is Baker Mayfield and needs a WR to play. Im 5-1 and doing this trade will force me to need a waiver wire pick up for this week but will give me Thielan and Adam's as my WRs going forward ROS. My QB is Lamar Jackson so Matt Ryan has been eating up a bench spot an insurance policy so far this year
  3. Nope I like Wentz more then Dalton by a mile. I like DJ Moore more than Golladay and Tate/Gordon is a wash
  4. If he bites on that absolutely. I doubt anyone viable is gonna be trading Keenan right now though. If im the Keenan owner I'm prob not considering it unless you offer Godwin and Thielan for Keenan and thats only if my other receivers suck on my team.
  5. Saw some dude posting about trading away JuJu and how hes even thinking about cutting him (dont do it man). However got me thinking about how disappointed I am in Theilan as well and wondering if its worth sending out a 1 for 1 trade to the JuJu owner and see what happens. Not sure if I even want JuJu more then Theilan though.
  6. Honestly if your keeping CMC and Kamara (as you should) I'd offer him a 2 for 1 and let him pick the 2 players between JuJu, Locket, and McLaurin.... julio would be an upgrade over all of them and you can easily slide whatever WR he doesnt pick into your WR2 role and still be solid. He would also get a upgrade at his WR2 spot since I think all 3 of those receivers I mentioned are better then Josh Gordon. Thanks for the help with mine.
  7. I'll post my team below for reference. I'm somehow 3-1 and second in my league but I'm real worried about my team. This is a cut throat die hard league and the waiver wire is barren and theres nothing of value. Even most handcuffs are gobbled up on benches. My team took a huge hit when the Pat's cut Antonio Brown and I'm worried that I'm not championship material as is and 1 more injury to my core is gonna devastate me. The guy I wanna propose with is 0-4 and is in need of a major overhaul. He drafted saquon but hes hurt and wont help at all. Dude cant afford another loss. Here's t
  8. If I know your trying to trade AB over some moral righteous reason I'm not giving you anything better then a Tarik Cohen, Kenyan Drake, or Damien Williams/Shady McCoy
  9. I traded Lamar and DJ Moore for Antonio Brown and Phillip Rivers in a dynasty superflex league. I accepted the trade before the 1pm games on Sunday then proceeded to watch Lamar go off. Given that it's a dynasty and I just lost Lamar for the next 10 years likely now I personally have sellers remorse at the moment. I don't think Lamar is gonna finish as QB1 or be the next Mahommes or anything but hes prob a better start then Cam going forward so I'd keep him and look to package Cam with someone. Hell I wouldnt be opposed to trading Hill if you could get a low end WR1 or high end WR2. Hill could
  10. Dude let's chill on Lamar a bit. Dude beat up on Bethune-Cookman.... I mean Miami.
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