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  1. Yes Chris harris is on the Chargers now. The broncos are missing their top 3 corner backs, if I'm not mistaken. Fully expect this game to score some points and for the bills pass catchers to have solid days.
  2. Sure hope so. I always felt a 40 burger incoming for him tonight. Broncos could help keep the points rolling to give Josh extra opportunities. At least I hope so, benched Herbert for my guy JA.
  3. The Broncos top 2 cb are out. I'm expecting big weeks from both Carolina wrs.
  4. Anyone afraid gb scales more into the running game for this one?
  5. U should be proactive and add him before the game
  6. I think he's a really great stash. Couple games back to get in the groove. I think with that playoff schedule he's Def someone to roster.
  7. I'm willing to be wrong and not have any ownership this week, but this is how I see it as well. Stack the box and double team JJ....
  8. I agree with the other guy. Rbs have been hard to come by this season.
  9. I tried. Would have to had sold low. Maybe wouldn't have been thr worst idea with balt, indy and pitt? Again in the fantasy playoffs.. Yikes.
  10. 🤣🤣 My man. Forget Richie, someone add this guy to the player pool. Amirite.
  11. Just need the new qb to show enough to have to keep dbs and safeties honest
  12. Ahh, no doubt. I didn't see this. The yahoo app showed he cleared so I assumed it was true.
  13. Cleared concussion protocol today. Is he a solid stash?
  14. Not to mention jones makes a living catching passes out of the backfield as well.
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