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  1. Woodhead and crowder http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/685289-latavius-murray-or-joe-mixon-whir/
  2. I’d go Mariotta and Woodhead personally. Thanks for the help.
  3. I’m in a must win game to stay in the playoff race. Would you start Murray vs. Lions or Mixon vs. Browns? WHIR!
  4. Yup. Just came to me, but I’ve also been drinking beer all day
  5. I’m a Colts fan and I approve of this message
  6. Anyone know when yahoo will declare him inactive since he’s on a bye week and not practicing yet?
  7. Offer the second first. If he doesn’t accept then offer the first trade.
  8. Until you actually see some serious usage out of Mixon, stick with Ajayi. Thanks!
  9. I’d do it in a second. Hilton and Jeffery have both been huge letdowns and Hopkins will have already had his bye week. Thanks for the help.
  10. I’d add Sanu and Kearse or Guin. Decker is droppable. He’s just a name at this point. Thanks for help with mine.
  11. I give up Martin/Cooper for Mike Evans. The other manager has zero RB help and I have enough rb help to hold me down. my team: QB: Watson, Ryan RB: Bell, Hunt, Murray, Henry, Martin, Kamara WR: M. Thomas, Cooper, Adams, Davis TE: Walker DST: Jags
  12. Different league. I’d just be dropping McFadden for him. I have Howard, Martin, Mixon, and Lewis (lost Cook earlier). I’ve had to run Jeffery and Garcon with Brown as my WR 2 and 3 because Diggs has been out.
  13. Do you all know when he is expected back? Someone dropped him in my league and I’m wondering if I should use my #1 waiver spot on him.
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