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  1. 3 hours ago, tts42572 said:

    I watched Emmitt Smith's a Football life last night and one thing that jumped out at me that he said.  It was during his rookie year and in the Cowboys first 10 games they only had a few wins and Emmitt had only gotten over 15 carries in a few of those games.  Eventually the Cowboys figured it out and started feeding Emmitt and won 4 games in a row with him carrying over 20 times in each game.


    I know that's not exactly relevant, but for some reason it just made me think of Mixon while I was watching it.  They should be pounding him 15-20 times every game and it should start against the lowly Colts this week.  I just think that if they could establish Mixon as a real threat it really could open things up for Dalton and the passing game and let them use play action that they rarely seem to use.



    I’m a Colts fan and I approve of this message

  2. 2 hours ago, HamMach1 said:


    I have room to hold so I am going to see how it plays out. Hoping for the best, but tempering expectations

    Different league. I’d just be dropping McFadden for him.  I have Howard, Martin, Mixon, and Lewis (lost Cook earlier). I’ve had to run Jeffery and Garcon with Brown as my WR 2 and 3 because Diggs has been out.

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