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  1. I had Diggs in my flex since he was questionable. Now that he’s out, I have to make a decision. I picked up Morris and McFadden (I also have Martin, Howard, and Mixon). We can only play a WR or TE in the flex so I have to drop McFadden, Morris, or Matt Ryan for a one week start. Options are Lee, Ginn, Smith-Shutster (I have Brown), or Robbie Anderson. Who should I drop and who should I pick up? .5 ppr WHIR!!!!!
  2. I’d stick with Wentz and mariota. Cousins can be too up and down. Matthews or Cooper is a hard one. Especially since Cooper has been in a slump. I’d probably roll Cooper out if Carr plays though.
  3. Who are your other wrs? Sorry, I’m on mobile so I can’t see your sig
  4. Who are his other RBs? I’m sure Mccaffery will be fine, but it seems low for Jones. I’d at least want an rb2 that is producing consistently.
  5. .5 ppr. My other wrs are Brown, Jeffery, and Garcon. RBs are Martin, Howard, Mixon, Duke Johnson (lost Cook). I’m probably getting ripped off, but the groin injury scares me. WHIR!!!!
  6. I just lost Cook and my only other option is Mixon. I actually trust Martin more than Mixon until he shows it.
  7. If the owner is up for that then definitely do it. I think Crabtree will be EJ’s safety blanket.
  8. I’d probably do it since Luck most likely won’t be playing for another couple of weeks. I’d also drop Henry and try to pick up another WR. Could you add Reed to the deal and pick up another WR from him? Thanks for the help
  9. It is a little one-sided, but McCaffery could end up having massive upside in PPR and Engram is coming on strong now. I don’t think it should ever be vetoed unless there is collusion though
  10. If you all have a flex, then gronk would be a great addition. Not sure I would have given up my rb2 though if I was that thin, but Abdullah is looking better and is probably gtg in ppr. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/673304-should-i-try-to-move-an-hunt-whir/
  11. If Mariota plus, then I would probably go Matthews over Fuller. If not then I wouldn’t change anything. Thanks for the help.
  12. I’m in a standard league with a flex. Cooper hasn’t panned out and I need some WR help. Should I try and move Hunt? I was thinking about offering the last place team Hunt for Beckham and Gordon. Any help would be appreciated. WHIR! QB: Watson, Ryan RB: Bell, Hunt, Murray, Henry, Martin WR: M. Thomas, Cooper, Amendola, Fuller TE: Walker DST: Jags
  13. Someone dropped him in my league. Should I pick him up?
  14. I'd definitely keep Cook. As far as Mixon, trading Thomas would leave you thin at WR. I love Mixon though, so I'm on the fence for that one.
  15. Well we can only play two RBs and my other is Cook. Definitely leaving him in.
  16. I know Howard looked awesome last week, but that shoulder and his week 2 production scare me. Mixon is trending up, but Marvin Lewis is not known for his rookie love. What would you do? WHIR!!!!
  17. Ingram is the safe bet. If you need upside, I'd go gore.
  18. Cooks and Carson. Thanks for your help man.
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