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  1. Well, if there was ever a time he could be acquired for basically nothi.... ahhh, I can't do it. Forget it. Nope. Stay the hell away unless you enjoy having your incredibly low expectations lowered.
  2. Panik and Espinal are the backup infielders, and like you said Panik is a non-roster invite to spring training. I would be shocked if we see Groshans this year. Maybe if he's hitting the absolute piss out of the ball for 4 or 5 months in the minors, but he's more of a 22 or 23 ETA guy. As for Lourdes, I feel like having him as a passable backup infielder allows them to keep an extra pitcher. If you look at the Jays rotation, it gets questionable really quickly after Ryu (and even his health is a question mark). Pearson is still a rookie with health concerns and Matz is about as "meh" as i
  3. These kind of offers always make me laugh. "You're getting multiple players for one!" Yes, and there's also this thing called limited roster spots which means I need to drop players to make this trade work, and half of the players I'd be dropping are better than the heaping pile of garbage being offered.
  4. Thanks for posting. Snell desperately needed that post season bump that he got. He should hopefully be able to go deeper into games with the Padres (never made it past 5 2/3 innings in 2020). The nice thing for SD is that they have plenty of SP depth in case they need to skip a start here and there or expand to a 6-man whenever needed. Health be damned *knock on wood*, we should get a full season out of Snell in 2021.
  5. Spring training quotes to roll your eyes at and ignore: "He's in the best shape of his life." And never forget about that quote's evil twin sister: "He's added (insert absurd number here) pounds of muscle this off-season!"
  6. Sooo.... are we looking at a top 30 pick here next year?
  7. This guy is going to be a 3rd round pick next year. It's more than just a hot streak in a severely shortened season. He's been raking ever since he was recalled last year.
  8. I feel like when Bichette comes back, Shaw and his 76 wRC+/.637 OPS is moving to the bench while Villar plays 3rd.
  9. 153 wRC+ He's an absolute stud in OBP leagues. Will be interesting to see how far he shoots up draft boards for 2021. Gotta figure he goes in the top 50-60 in standard leagues and top 30 in OBP leagues.
  10. Randall Grichuk is en fuego right now.
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