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  1. That was an absolute rocket from Vlad on HR number two.
  2. Schwarber is beyond ridiculous right now. Another one!
  3. Ho hum, just another piss missile from Vlad. 113 mph and 438 feet.
  4. O's starter goes 0.1 with 5 walks, a grand slam and 6 earned. Ouch.
  5. You know how most baseball broadcast intros bring up shallow crap like "his ERA is a run better at home than on the road"? Well, Blake Snell's would be "his ERA is eight runs better at home than on the road."
  6. I feel like it's reasonable to say that Bonds was a HOFer without steroids, but the roids took his HOF numbers and turned them into a unicorn. I don't overly care though and wouldn't argue for or against him. If he gets in, cool. If he doesn't, he only has himself to blame.
  7. So um, the Blue Jays are rather warm today.
  8. This. I want to rage drop his a** so badly. Absolutely infuriating player to own.
  9. Is Trevor Rogers turning into an ace already? He's been phenomenal.
  10. I'm guessing this coach caught a few fists in the parking lot over the years from opposing coaches/parents. What a scum bag.
  11. deGrom will throw a no-hitter and still lose 1-0.
  12. So... is Kris Bryant a stud again?
  13. Yeah, but his Beard Factor + is elite.
  14. Sober Me: Not a chance. Drunk Me: Ehhhh...
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