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  1. Whats the word on Sean? Vague details, maybe a covid reaction?
  2. IM reading about him. He doesnt make many dynasty lists. But is ranked 24th on MLB list.... Could his stuff translate to SP material?
  3. With Bruce retiring Odor inline for even more starts. This guy is looking like a regular........at least until Voit comes back.
  4. Chas swipped a bag which is nice to see. He needs more starts.
  5. dumb question: where can i find position eligibility on yahoo? For example how many games a player has played at 2nd base. Im trying to monitor when a player will gain extra eligibility but cant see where. Thanks
  6. I appreciate your deep dives! Keep them coming.
  7. 2 bombs over the weekend. Only 7 k's so far. If the guy can keep the K's down he is money. It would be nice to have him get some starts in the OF. The DH tag is his only downside. (ESPN)
  8. your link is appreciated. Your sarcasm is not. The article is a good read. Wasnt aware of the rotator cuff inflammation. Good to know he is working his way back. Last year it was fun to have him on the roster.
  9. Was Devin Williams a one year wonder? I know, only week one. Just wondering if he has made some adjustments or pitch change?
  10. Freshly shaven Odor is starting today, hitting 6th.
  11. Great outing last night! 1.2 innings pitched 4K and picks up the win. We might be on to something here.
  12. goi urshela on the covid list. Maybe opens the door for Odor.
  13. Who replaces him in the rotation?
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