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  1. im in the semifinals this week and cant help but laugh becaue my first rounder (Ajayi) and second rounder (Dez) are both benched. im starting Hyde and Mike Davis over Ajayi and Thielen, Funchess, and Goodwin over Dez. anyone else in the playoffs got their early round picks on the bench or am i just a fool?
  2. hogan. hes had another week to recover and get practice reps. no chance he repeats last weeks poor performance
  3. doyle. brisset is good enough to attack a defense's weakness and for denver its against opposing tight ends.
  4. hunt no question. andy reid handed play calling duties off to matt nagy and hunt has already benefitted
  5. if sean lee is back, cowboys. his veteran presence for the stretch run should fire up playoff hopes and oaklands offense has been nothing to fear. if sean lee doesnt play, falcons because the bucs are good for a couple turnovers
  6. i think cowboys raiders will be a shootout so lynch would be a good play. that said, ajayi has a good matchup in a game the eagles should lead comfortably. i go with ajayi
  7. id go with williams. broncos colts on a thursday smells like a low point total to me http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688691-ajayi-mike-davis-or-goodwin-whir/?tab=comments#comment-7638846
  8. id go coleman dion lewis. the bills will go run heavy with shady playing well and some questions at QB. Pit NE is my prediction for highest point total this week so id invest in it as much as possible. thanks for help on mine
  9. standard scoring. need to pick 2 of these guys for the playoff semifinal! ill briefly say what i like and dont like about each and hopefully you guys will let me know what you think! ajayi got 15 carries last week which is really encouraging for his workload moving forward. also, with wentz out, the eagles may run the ball more. what i dont like is that nick foles is still pretty good so its not like the eagles have to hide him. the eagles also run the second most rush plays i believe so theres not a ton more volume to be had. thirdly, trusting ajayi at this point is like trusting
  10. I've never done FAAB and don't understand how it works. That said, I'd make as minimal investment in bengals offense as possible. Eifert is huge injury risk too
  11. Walker. Gates will get all the scoring opportunities over Henry. Thanks fir help on mine
  12. I don't think you can afford to lose Baldwin. Thanks for help on mine
  13. what do you guys think? should i give up j stew for derrick henry and theilen? standard 12 team league. WHIR
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