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  1. You don't want this guy working in your town because he used his discretion and didn't give a guy a ticket for two extremely minor infractions on top of the speeding ticket? That makes sense. Cop arrests someone for marijuana possession: "Weed should be legal! I can't believe cops would arrest someone for something that grows in the ground!" Cop doesn't arrest someone for marijuana possession: "I can't believe that cop didn't arrest him! That cop should lose his job!" Marijuana is decriminalized or actually legal everywhere in the United States. Most cops don't care about weed u
  2. With all the negativity constantly surrounding the NFL for various players off the field actions is refreshing to see a young man not only overcome so much but to then thrive. I honestly knew nothing bout Jacobs back story and didn't know anything about him going into last years NFL draft. Now he's going to be someone who I will continually to cheer for and hopefully he's able to continue to turn his struggles into something positive much like Warrick Dunn did after his mother was murdered.
  3. From Al Riverton the Senior VP of Officiating: "We looked at all of the angles that Fox afforded us, and Fox gave us some great views. There is contact by both players, but none of that contact rises to the level of a foul. This is consistent with what we have done all year long, we left the ruling on the field. We let it stand."
  4. That's not true. The Vikings had a TD earlier in the year against the Packers that was overturned due to OPI during a scoring play booth review (not a coach's challenge). http://www.startribune.com/new-york-makes-the-ruling-that-negates-vikings-touchdown/560428492/ Again, it was reviewed.
  5. Hard to say bargain when he'll still go in the first round.
  6. It's a scoring play. It was reviewed as they all are. It seems like some Saints fans are just trying to drum up more controversy to say they got screwed again. There was defensive holding, Rudolph extended his arm, then Rudolph caught the TD. Similar plays happen in every NFL game but because it's the Saints some people are trying to make it a big deal.
  7. Probably should've benched Julio Jones in the 1st round of the playoffs too since he was coming off of 5 straight weeks of failing to even reach 9 fantasy points. Aaron Jones had back to back weeks of less than 4 points leading into the playoffs and Saquon had four games of less than 12 points and two of those were 6 or less points leading into the playoffs. I would bet those guys were on a lot of championship rosters because of what they did in the playoffs. The three games leading up to week 16 the Ravens gave up 22.4 points to Mostert, 14.8 to Singletary, and 9.8 to Bell. At this poin
  8. A 1 yard catch is more valuable in full PPR than a 10 yard rush. That's not rewarding "chain movers." A RB who can catch passes is not the same as a pass catching RB in the point I'm making. A workhorse who also catches the ball out of the backfield should always be more valuable than the James White and Tarik Cohen's of the world. Those kind of players are valuable in the roles they play but they are not more valuable than the Nick Chubb's of the world.
  9. This is just dumb and the reason why full point PPR is the dumbest format in fantasy football. Chubb is #2 in the NFL in total yards behind only CMC. Receptions as a RB is almost entirely scheme driven and isn't always indicative of a players actual ability.
  10. According to his posts probably AP. Who went for 55 total yards but got lucky with a TD. The other name I saw getting brought up by other people was Mike Boone who went for a blistering 33 total yards. If you played AP over Chubb you made the wrong play but got lucky and if you played Boone then well you got the production you deserved.
  11. I mean, producing less could be 150 yards and 2 TDs so of course you should expect him to produce less. Benching a guy who has just under 1,700 total yards and 8 TDs with two games yet to play because you "think the match up is bad" is just dumb. Chubb is essentially putting up the same total yards/TDs as Zeke did last year. Would you have benched Zeke if you had him in your fantasy football championship last year?
  12. So people are going to bench him against the team he absolutely tore apart for his best game of the season earlier in the year? That's not a league winning decision. That's a league losing decision and quite possibly the dumbest decision making I've seen in awhile.
  13. I wouldn't play either if I had the option. Both have no floor so it's essentially a coin flip if you have to pick one. I'd give the slight edge to McCoy.
  14. 100% this. Unless you project the Packers to get manhandled again then don't expect a similar touch distribution. Jones was the clear leader while the game was even reasonably competitive.
  15. Jack of all trades but master of none. McCoy and Damien are better runners and Damien is probably a better receiver. The only edge Darrel seems to have is in pass pro which is why he's still used even when the other two are healthy. If Damien is out Darrel has midrange RB2 upside but zero floor. If McCoy is out then Darrel is zero floor and low ceiling. If both are playing he's useless and if both are out he's a plug and play RB2.
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