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  1. If Josh Jacobs is out then I feel real good about doing that. Even if he plays I think it’s a strong play.
  2. I would stick with Hunt. I think if any back is valuable today it should be white who should catch 5+ balls today in a game with an over under around 49.
  3. Thoughts? WHIR in the two games New England played against Mahomes, Mahomes had good numbers.
  4. I will win my league with him on my bench. It will be my greatest achievement ever.
  5. Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins or Daniel Jones Scoring format: Passing TD = 6 points TD. Yardage bonus for 40 and 50 yard TD’s, 1 and 2 respectively. 5 point bonus for 400 yards passing
  6. AJ Green is my trophy wife. He just sits on the bench and doesn't contribute.
  7. Starting him with confidence today. Bengals also get their first win.
  8. Tough decision starting him this week. I think you have to. but, It all comes down to who your other receivers are.
  9. I rather let someone else worry about Embiid's load management in H2H. Gobert is a rock. I agree with you on Dipo.
  10. League is a H2H 9 Cat I'm sitting at 1-3, but recently traded away Embiid for Rudy Gobert and Danilo Galinari, which I'm feeling really good about. I just received an offer from the 1st place 4-0 team for my Oladipo. He is offering Bogdan Bogdanovic and Marcus Morris SR for Dipo. He obviously wants to stash because he is confident that his team will remain in 1st place until Dipo comes back. What do you guys think? Should I make the trade, ask for more or sit tight?
  11. This was sad scene when I was growing up. Still not as sad as the Pittsburgh Steelers offense.
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