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  1. Noone has done heaves exclusively though. Ben hasn't attempted a regular 3 so it's interesting for that reason. I don't know about the accuracy of players not taking those heaves due to fg% but who knows? Who cares? Lol
  2. Anybody got the feeling Ben is going to show out on Lebron tonight? You're not alone
  3. Because it's misleading. He is heaving half court shots. Much different than shooting a regular 3. Not saying I agree but that's the rationale
  4. Snubbed him on ROY and the All Star game after being voted a starter last year too...what's new?
  5. @affliction Interesting someone just wrote an article about it today haha https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/ben-simmons-is-technically-0-for-7-on-3-pointers-thanks-to-a-pretty-silly-nba-rule/
  6. He is really 0-0 All 7 of the "3's" were heaves from beyond half court
  7. Fultz is progressing, out another 2-3 weeks The 76ers announced on Sunday that Markelle Fultz will be re-evaluated in 2-3 weeks. He had a checkup on Sunday and it went well, as the "soreness is dissipating and the muscle balance is improving." The 76ers added that he will continue to progress towards full basketball activities, but his return to action hinges on how well his shoulder responds to an increased workload on the practice court. He's only worth owning in re-draft formats if you have an IR spot and can afford to be patient with him. Source: Sam
  8. No bigger Okafor supporter than me over the years than I but here is the thing. 50% is cool but since he can't stretch the floor he isn't hitting 3's. Also he wasn't getting to the line effectively. Also, he wasn't a playmaker. Also, he was horrible defensively. Also, he was a poor rebounder. This is fantasy so we just care about the counting stats but his advanced numbers were poor and he is largely lethargic. It is what it is Kanter shoots jumpers and is an exceptional rebounder plus he is better than Okafor offensively. He sets picks and moves without the ball. Okafor is truly
  9. It was pretty good for a rookie but you have understand the dynamics on the team at the time that allowed him to reach those #'s. The team was trying to lose. He could never do that on in a winning situation because his defense is so bad he'd get played off of the floor. Okafor must extend his range and improve his defensive awareness a lot to ever obtain significant minutes again anywhere. He is in good shape but he was also very slow on rotations and reaction this year again. I watched all of his games. It was slightly better but far from good enough. No
  10. Look at Brook Lopez stats tonight. Then go look at Deandre Jordan's in the past game. Whoa
  11. Jimmy Buckets about to put up a 30 burger tonight
  12. Maybe this Kent Bazemore is better than Will Barton after all
  13. He's basically TJ McConnell without the efficiency and motor
  14. Mandatory Bump just because of his beastliness. ESPN is ignoring the seasons biggest story to focus on Lonzo. I'll be damned if we do the same on Rotoworld. Ben Simmons posts monster line in win vs. UTA Ben Simmons was a monster in Tuesday's 104-97 win over the Jazz, racking up 16 points, 13 rebounds, six assists, three steals and three blocks in 36 minutes. He was 7-of-22 from the field with six turnovers, but hit both of his free throws and carried the 76ers with Joel Embiid resting, as he matched his career-highs in blocks, steals and
  15. a lot of people doubt TJ but they are usually the ones who do not watch TJ. TJ is well respected on the Sixers. He was the teammate of the year. He was the point guard when they were winning all of those games with Embiid last year. Someone always start in front of TJ and somehow...every year...he works his way into the rotation and gains minutes as the primary facilitator. Why is that? #1 He can play D with the best of them. Disadvantaged at times by his height but he makes up for it overall in hustle. #2 He is an exceptional playmaker. He runs the whole show. H
  16. Whoa...how'd did you leave out THE 6 ASSISTS!?!
  17. He is helping you in a major way in 3 other cats though. Plus he is a rookie in his 6th game he is going to improve without a doubt. To those watching closely, you can see improvement daily on a game to game basis. Rapid improvement. His defense is stellar too that's abnormal for rook. His jumpshot is coming along with range improving game by game and his chemistry with Embiid is growing by the night, To those in dynasty this kid has Goat potential for real Redraft still gotta big time winner. He is getting better and he is already good asf
  18. I'm not high on him Ros. Only until Morris returns. He'll wind up being your 1st cut at some point I'm sure. Right now Favors is your 1st cut but I like him better than Oubre ros or at least a push imo
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