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  1. w that trade hes still desperate @ rb!!..how did this help his team...two beackups that need a major injury just b considered relevant...so Boyd for Kirk is a steal for u
  2. Hey I already paid for mine so you know I'm good for it let me know if as a commissioner you' can just transfer everything over to his account hes already in an ESPN leaguethis yr... Just let me know how you want me to do it
  3. I guess I can wait till he gets home but that's not gonna matter... I guess you have to give me permission to pay another fee under team Dylan can you figure that out somehow?
  4. T... I paid for one and then I joined for the 2nd team(team Dylan).. I can go ahead and pay for the 2nd team if it allows me to but somehow I'm going to have to switch it over to his account or his permissions and maybe I'll just add him as a second owner and he could just manage it something like that does that sound OK ??I'm gonna jump back in the league safe I have paid for 1...Thanks..T..if we run into him bein able to draft snag... I will let you know maybe you can get that switched to his team but like I said hes at football practice won't be out till about 6:45 est
  5. I am trying to join the league and it says it's full? Are you saving me two if so that's fine I'll just go pay now let me know what's up
  6. I'm in I will be back in 1 hr to pay I am guaranteed in its just I have to pay for both. Details when I return 10 est
  7. Make sure everyone else is OK with 10 o'clock that might be too late for some of our East Coast guys... I just have something at 7 and I know it's gonna last 3 hours if it's too late fellas I will move on but if you guys say 10 is OK I will pay for the 2 spots
  8. You gotta provide a little bit more information we kind of know what the running backs are doing and that you're going to have some return yards for kickoffs are ponce I presume?? What about receiving yards what about passing touchdowns how are you and do the waiver wire guys wanna know that stuff it saves a lot of back-and-forth
  9. How many do you have so far and I only ask because we are really close
  10. I don't think I'm going to make this happenI don't think I'm going to make this happen
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