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  1. John brown marlon mack Dionte Johnson russel gage full ppr
  2. Did this in week two due to the matchup and lost because of it. Tread lightly.
  3. Any love for San Fran defense here? They seem to have a pretty good line with the additions of Ford and Bosa. Cinci and Pitt (who didn’t look good). And even Cleveland off the bye.
  4. With all this love for Denver defense, are they a better start/team to have going forward than Baltimore? Also why no no love for Boswell? I know he had a down year but this should still be a good offense.
  5. Regardless of who bill has had a crush on this year (gilly, Lewis or now burkhead) white has had at least 5 catches pretty much every game. He's been the only constant. He plays almost all 3rd downs and is always in during the 2 minute drill. I'm not expecting him to be in on 1st and 2nd down.
  6. I don't understand where James white is? Two minute drill is supposed to be his forte.
  7. He was far and away the only bucs back with touches last week. This week he finds his way to the bench halfway through the game. I don't understand.
  8. Thinking about adding him in ppr. He has to return to at least 4-5 catches a game right?
  9. Anyone think his snaps increase with the ineffectiveness of cj? The Denver cs seems to hate cj so they always are looking for a replacement.
  10. Do we hold this guy one more week since that schedule just looks so nice or time to add a flier like Dede?
  11. See I don't even necessarily agree with the nothing special argument. The guy runs crisp routes. He looks like a receiver. The out route for the td and the one he ran on a drive to get a first down on third and one(i think) were perfect. I never thought he was gonna be explosive but I think he looks great out there as a "real" player. There were a few passes where cam missed on him as well earlier in the game that could've been nice gains. As well as plays where cam ran instead of checking it down. If they continue using him in the slot more he could be even better. And there is always the pro
  12. With all the hate in here are any of you trying to sell high to someone who sees his surprisingly consistent weekly ppr scores?
  13. Wonder if him and trubisky worked together more throughout camp and practice due to them being on the second team. Maybe Cohen can be a checkdown monster tonight. Hopefully fox let's him get a drive to himself even. Although I doubt it. I have a feeling we see something like this. 5 carries for 23 yards 7 catches for 55 yards And I think there's better than a 50% chance for a td catch. (Shovel pass perhaps)
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