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  1. The man has fumble-itis. Almost fumbled (again) away his only TD tonight.
  2. Rushing him back, he might just get a tear to end his season.
  3. Yes. Basically it's the difference between saying he's THE RB2 and "a" RB2.
  4. Agreed I personally would rather have him sit another week but if he is playing he will be in my lineup.
  5. He has put decent flex/RB2 numbers all year without injury. No bust games thus far. Definitely got value for him where he was drafted. Also his schedule gets much easier starting next week (9), I expect his number will increase overall for second half/playoffs.
  6. Rest up well. Let's have a healthy 2nd half/playoffs finish (no more injuries!)
  7. Agreed, he's gonna bounce back. They went all in on stopping him with the uncertainty of DJ injury. Teams will start to focus more on DJ as the year goes on opening up opportunities.
  8. Without a doubt hold. Barring injury this man will feast weeks 9-11.
  9. This 100%. Let him get healthy to avoid any further injury.
  10. That one lb of muscle makes all the difference.
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